How to drink and cook mulled wine in house conditions

How to drink and cook mulled wine in house conditions

In translation from German the word "mulled wine" designates the heated wine. This hot beverage is preparing, as a rule, on the basis of red wine with addition of various spices and fruit. Mulled wine is very popular in the Scandinavian countries and also in Germany and Great Britain. This excellent cold medicine and bad mood.

As it is correct to prepare and drink mulled wine

Mulled wine is cooked by heating of wine together with sugar, honey, spices and fruit. As spicy additives use a carnation, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, bay leaf, black and allspice. Often in this drink put a lemon dried peel, apples, nuts and raisin.

Red dry wines are ideal for mulled wine. Usually for preparation use inexpensive drinks from the category of domestic wines (House wine). The same principle of a byudzhetnost extends also to other alcoholic additives: liqueur, cognac, vodka, port wine.

It is recommended to store the made mulled wine in a thermos which doesn't allow drink to cool down. Besides, in a thermos mulled wine well infuses and slightly gets thick.

Proceeding from the rules existing in Germany, the minimum content of alcohol in mulled wine has to be not less than 7%. Beverage has to be obligatory hot (approximately 70-80os), but at the same time shouldn't burn. It is accepted to drink it from special mugs of thick glass with handles. Mulled wine – not only fine means from melancholy, is curative drink which is recommended to be used at some diseases (cold, cough, cold, physical and mental exhaustion). It helps at a depression and insomnia and also promotes fast recovering from infectious diseases.

Recipes for mulled wines in house conditions

To make home-made mulled wine according to the classical recipe, it is required: - 1 liter of dry red wine; - 150 grams of honey; - cinnamon powder pinch; - 3-4 buds of a carnation; - nutmeg pinch.

It is also possible to add to mulled wine to the taste apples, raisin, an orange and lemon dried peel. It is accepted to serve mulled wine with unsweetened fruit, cheese or a biscuit.

Pour in dry red wine in the enameled pan and put on silent fire, add honey, properly stir and bring mix almost to the boil. Then put spicery: carnation, nutmeg and cinnamon. Remove from fire and let's drink some time infuse. Will be half an hour enough. Then filter mulled wine and once again warm up up to the necessary temperature. Then pour drink in cups and give on a table. For preparation of Epiphany mulled wine it is necessary to take: - 750 milliliters of red dry wine; - 100 milliliters of cognac; - 100 grams of honey; - 1 lemon; - cinnamon; - carnation. Put honey in wine and properly warm up on slow fire, but you don't boil. Then add the lemon cut by segments together with a dried peel to heated wine and spices, pour in cognac and let's drink of 10-15 minutes infuse. After that mulled wine can be used. To make Lubawa mulled wine, the following ingredients will be required: - 500 milliliters of red port wine; - 125 milliliters of the Orange liqueur; - 1 lemon; - 1 tablespoon of honey; - nutmeg. Heat wine on small fire, pour in it in liqueur and also add honey and the lemon cut by thin segments. Let's mulled wine of minutes 10-15 infuse. Then pour the made drink on cups and strew with grated nutmeg.

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