How to drink Armagnac

How to drink Armagnac

Armagnac this fragrant brandy from the French province of Gascony. His closest relative, cognac, though is 150 years younger, but is more popular. But experts claim that its best sustained brands it is thinner and more magnificent on texture, taste, aroma. Armagnac, unlike cognac, is overtaken only once, and it means that he will longer see off in barrels (from a local black oak), and therefore is more graceful and округл.

It is required to you

  • - cognac glass;
  • - coffee and cigar;
  • - dessert.


1. Armagnac is a digestive (the drink helping digestion) therefore give it in 10-15 minutes after a meal or together with desserts. As suitable addition to this drink serve various almond cakes, such as macarons, apple pies and pies with a vanilla cream, the sweeties containing nougat and chocolate, pears and apples in caramel, fruit salads. Armagnac accompanied by good coffee and a light cigar is also great.

2. Traditionally for Armagnac use a cognac glass, but true judges consider that the taste of this drink is the is best of all is felt in a glass for brandy from thin glass. The famous Claus Ridel who in the second half of the last century developed several designs of the special glasses emphasizing taste of various drinks didn't ignore the and Armagnac. As these glasses have 28 international awards, are recognized as associations of bartenders from all over the world and are highly appreciated by experts, for true pleasure drink, experts choose an armanyachny glass of Ridel.

3. Pour no more than 150 grams of drink in a glass. Estimate color and transparency of drink. Then inhale a bouquet. Don't "immerse" a nose in a glass at all. Armagnac – strong drink, and everything that you will feel, is alcohol vapors. Instead you hold a glass at the level of a breast and allow aroma to rise up. In a minute you will feel a smell of vanilla, an iris, nougat, pepper, roses and chocolate. Bring drink to yourself closer, dip a finger in Armagnac and put as spirits, on a wrist (this trick is familiar to tasters of good cognac). Heat of your body will force alcohol to evaporate and somewhere in a minute you will be able to enjoy the second wave of smells – creamy toffee, a licorice root, flowers and fruit.

4. Take and drink slightly from a glass. Approximately half teaspoon of drink. Take liquid in a mouth, distribute it behind cheeks, on language and gums. Enjoy taste and texture.

5. You hold a glass in hand, enjoy aroma and drink little by little. Heating up, Armagnac will change shades of taste and aroma. Sip drink, enjoying change in it and beholding its game in a glass.

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