How to drink cocktail ""pin-kolada"

How to drink cocktail ""pin-kolada"

Ping Kolad's drink said by true admirers of this drink as Pinya Kolada is a one of the most exotic of tropical cocktails. In the simplest look this drink consists of white rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Therefore a question of how to drink Pina Colada has, apparently, the simple answer, add ingredients, mix and drink. However, proportions, the quality of the elements entering drink and their quantity has some options.


Option 2. Nonalcoholic Pina ColadaSmeshat pineapple juice, coconut cream (in this case coconut liqueur of Ping Kolad isn't used) and chipped ice but not to add white rum. Decorate with a piece of pineapple and a leaf of mint. In this case there are no temporary restrictions on how to drink Ping Kolad's liqueur – at any time or even in the morning. This tasty drink will be surely estimated by children.

Option 3. To mix peach shikpersikovy liqueur, coconut cream (coconut liqueur of Ping Kolad), pineapple juice and chipped ice to a creamy state and to drink from a high glass through a straw. It is possible to decorate with any fruit which are a part of cocktail.

Option 4. Banana to mix KoladaSvezhiy banana, pineapple juice, the Beyliz liqueur, coconut cream (coconut liqueur of Ping Kolad) and chipped ice in the blender and to pour a highball glass in high glasses. Incredibly picturesque taste revealing in process of consumption of drink turns out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team