How to drink the Russian vodka

How to drink the Russian vodka

Vodka is considered primordial, traditional Russian drink though its first prototype was received by the Persian doctor in the 11th century. Then it was used only in the medical purposes. Now vodka - the integral satellite practically any Russian festive feast.


1. Preparation a stolavodka it is necessary to have a snack. So it irritates a stomach less, and process of intoxication takes place more softly. Snack happen two types: hot and cold. A pickles and marinades, meat, cheese cuttings, jelly, etc. belong to cold. But it is more preferable nevertheless hot appetizers: Russian cabbage soup, borsch, juliennes, other dishes which are served by hot.

2. ServirovkaOsobyy laying isn't required, it is enough to place snack on a table and to get glasses. For vodka small piles with a capacity of 40-80 гр are used. Also at a table there has to be a decanter with soft drinks - they have to be not aerated.

3. The UpotreblenieKazhdyy drunk glass of vodka, including the first (contrary to common opinion), it is necessary to have a snack. If you intend to drink several glasses, then you shouldn't eat too much at once, it is better if food comes to an organism gradually, after each glass. During a meal it is necessary to drink couple of glasses of soft drinks since for splitting of vodka the organism needs a lot of water. Also you shouldn't forget that vodka – independent drink, it isn't recommended to be combined with other alcoholic beverages. Even classical cocktails on vodka increase risk of approach of a hangover by the next morning.

4. Good morning! If in the morning you don't feel a hangover, means the day before you didn't exceed the norm. In case of an indisposition it is necessary to be limited to a light breakfast, to accept vitamin C, folic acid and in the first half of day to drink more water, and in the future – to reduce amount of the drunk vodka.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team