How to dry a perch

How to dry a perch

Perch – the most widespread fish of our reservoirs. He is tasty, but колюч and is difficult cleaned – scales at him small, skintight. Therefore it is simpler to dry him. And in this case there are subtleties.

It is required to you

  • 10 kg of a fresh perch;
    • 5 kg of coarse salt;
    • cool
    • well aired room;


1. Don't wash fish, and wipe with a towel. Draw large copies, remove gills.

2. Take coarse salt, fill it a layer in 3 mm on a bottom of the enameled ware with a wide bottom. Then spread fish densely to each other. For this purpose she is stacked thus: a tummy of one small fish to a back another, and the head of one to a tail another. Fill up with salt, add bay leaf and other spicery. Further lay the following group of fish and again fill up it I will merge. The last layer has to be covered with salt completely.

3. Close capacity a cover which diameter is less than diameter of your ware. Put cargo on a cover and remove to the dark, cool place for 3-4 days. Get fish and wash a baking plate with flowing water, for removal of salt and slime. If you love light-salted fish - wash out her about 15 minutes.

4. Lay out a perch on a lattice, dry a towel dry. Pass ropes or paper clips through eyes or a lower lip and you will hang out fish on drying. Perches have to hang freely, without touching each other.

5. The place for drying has to be shaded and with good ventilation - a balcony, the shed under a canopy. It is necessary to dry in dry and warm weather. Surely close fish a gauze in 2-3 layers. In such conditions the perch will be dried approximately for 5-8 day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team