How to dry apples in an oven

How to dry apples in an oven

At you many apples were born and you don't know what with them to do? Then dry up them in an oven. If to take fruit in a sugar syrup, then the quite good dessert will turn out and if to make them without addition of sugar, then you will have a stock of dried fruits from which it is possible to cook compote.


1. First of all properly wash out fruit under flowing water. Then take from a core of each fruit sunflower seeds together with a seed box. If you want everything to turn out accurately, then get for this purpose a special knife.

2. Then crush fruit in the form of rings so that all segments turned out identical thickness. Do this procedure by means of a sharp knife or the slicer.

3. Weld so much sugar syrup how many it will be required for your amount of apples. When it is completely ready, cool it then fill in with it the apples crushed on ringlets so that they were flush with this liquid. Remove fruit to quite cool place such look approximately for day. If desired you can reduce time.

4. Lay out the apples soaked with a sugar syrup on the baking tray for baking which is previously laid by paper for pastries. Place fruit in an oven and you dry at a temperature of 60 degrees for 6-8 hours. If desired you can increase temperature to 100 degrees. Don't forget at least everyone half an hour to overturn apples on other party.

5. After time take dried apples from an oven and shift them in packages.

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