How to dry crackers in an oven

How to dry crackers in an oven

Croutons are cooked not to throw out a stale bread or for addition in salads and soups. They can be stored in such look rather long time.

Croutons are a usual bread or the bakery goods which is dried up in an oven. Croutons can be made salty, sweet or with various spices. Then they are added to salads, soups or eaten as snack. Besides, crackers help at problems with intestines. Croutons long enough are stored because bread when drying comes out all moisture and it doesn't spoil any more. It is simple to cook croutons, but it is necessary to know several nuances that they turned out appetizing and crunchy.

How to dry sweet crackers

As a rule, white loaf is necessary for sweet crackers, still it is possible to use buns or buns. But it is important that the bakery goods was not absolutely fresh, otherwise croutons can remain damp inside. Long loaf should be knifed sharp small pieces, thus they will quicker prepare and will for certain be dried up from all directions. Before drying they need to be strewed with icing sugar. It isn't recommended to do it in process, otherwise powder just won't stick. The cut croutons spread on a baking tray or a frying pan without oil. An oven it is necessary to heat a maximum to 100 wasps, otherwise bread will just fry from above, and inside will remain crude. Dry croutons of 20 minutes then the oven is switched off and leave them on a baking sheet for 20-30 minutes in order that they turned out crunchy. Now sweet croutons are ready, they can be used just with tea or to add to fruit salads.

How to dry salty crackers

Black or gray bread will be suitable for preparation of salty croutons. Sharp small pieces are knifed, fall down previously salt or spices, it is also possible to grate bread with garlic for strengthening of taste. Then bread should be laid out on a baking tray or a frying pan and to dry on the same technology, as sweet croutons. Such croutons will become excellent addition to soups and salads. Useful tips: - it is the best of all to dry crackers from a stale bread, so they turn out more tasty and crunchy; - additives to crackers can be any – garlic, cinnamon, khmeli suneli, a curry, greens, cheese and so on; - the crumbs which remained when cutting can be dried up and used as breadcrumbs or to add to cutlets; - the less bread pieces, the quality and taste of crackers will be better; - it is optional to use only bread, it is possible to dry up any sweet bakery goods with different additives.

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