How to dry fish

How to dry fish

For drying it is possible to use a vobla, a bream and ram. The fresh-caught fish at once shouldn't be processed for drying. In the beginning keep her several hours in water, then you can prepare fish for a salting.

It is required to you

  • twine;
    • salt;
    • water;


1. Brine. Take one part of salt on four parts of water. Carefully mix before full dissolution of salt.

2. Before a salting fish to a nanizayta on a twine, through eyes.

3. Wash out a sheaf with fish in cold water to wash away the lagged behind scales.

4. Rub fish with plentiful amount of coarse salt.

5. Lay the fish rubbed with salt leaky, a belly up, on a pan bottom.

6. Fill in fish with a brine.

7. In 3-5 days, depending on quantity of fish, take out sheaves with fish from a pan.

8. Put sheaves in a big cup and wash within an hour with cold water.

9. After that fish needs to be hanged out in the open air. Straighten her on a sheaf so that big fishes didn't adjoin with each other and hung a paunch outside.

10. It is necessary to dry a small-sized fish two weeks, large – five weeks.

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