How to dry greens in an oven it is correct

How to dry greens in an oven it is correct

How to dry greens for the winter in an oven? The answer to this question is absolutely simple. The main thing — it is correct to choose a drying point and not to overdo fennel or, for example, parsley. Anyway drying of greens takes place in an oven quicker, than, for example, under a canopy. Besides green material in this case isn't gathered dust.

It is required to you

  • - oven;
  • - knife;
  • - cutting board;
  • - baking tray;
  • - sieve;
  • - white paper.


1. Well, let's look how to dry greens in an oven it is correct. For a start dig on a kitchen garden or buy actually greens. Except fennel and parsley, in an oven it is possible to dry also a tops of vegetable of carrots and beet, leaves of dandelions, a young nettle, onions. Such greens also contain many vitamins and in winter soups, certainly, will be very useful.

2. Put the greens intended for drying in a sieve and properly wash it with flowing water. Then dry it, having left in a sieve for some time or having spread out, for example, on an oilcloth or plywood. Include an oven. The quite good answer to a question of how to dry greens qualitatively, can become both electric, and an oven.

3. Small chop the washed-out and dry-through greens a sharp knife. If fennel and parsley still young — them can be cut together with stalks. By the end of summer the stalks at these plants usually grow coarse. At such parsley and fennel they should be removed previously.

4. Take a baking tray, rinse it and properly wipe with a rag. Accurately spread out on it greens. That fennel, parsley, a nettle and so forth were well dried, it is necessary to stack them a layer no more than in 2 cm. Also, displaying greens, it is necessary to watch that its layer was uniform on all area of a baking sheet. Cover weight with the sheet of white paper.

5. So, leaflets are washed, cut and spread out on a baking sheet. Now let's look how to dry greens it is correct. By then, when you stop cutting and stacking parsley and fennel, the oven already has to be warmed. Put a baking tray in it and cover a door.

6. Don't close a door densely. Otherwise greens will be roasted and will lose the natural green color. In an electric oven greens are dried with the door which is slightly opened approximately on 3 cm, in gas — on 10-15 cm. Air temperature in the oven at the first stage shouldn't exceed 40-50 degrees.

7. In the course of drying examine an oven from time to time. On walls and a cover of a case condensate shouldn't be formed. If it is — means, air temperature in an oven too high and it it is necessary to reduce. Also periodically stir slowly greens.

8. In 2 hours when greens already a little are slightly dried, increase air temperature in an oven to 60-70 degrees. You dry fennel and parsley 2-2.5 more hours. In total on the procedure of drying about 4-4.5 hours have to leave. You watch closely a condition of the weight not to overdry it.

9. Well, now you know how to dry greens. Put ready fennel, parsley, onions, a nettle, etc. in the blender and crush in dust. In this case in the subsequent greens will be dissolved in soups or in sauce of second courses and won't float in them not esthetic lumps. But of course, if desired this step can and be passed.

10. Spread out the crushed or just dried greens on jars and cover with covers. It is the best of all to store banks in the storeroom or on mezzanines in a case of the bedroom or living room. In kitchen, dried greens can be gathered foreign smells.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team