How to dry tomatoes in an oven

How to dry tomatoes in an oven

Dried tomatoes – amazingly tasty and useful dish borrowed by the Russian cooks from Italians. Drying allows to process a big harvest of tomatoes and to stock up with vegetables for the winter, at the same time they won't take a lot of place in storage. Interests owners of modern apartments how to dry tomatoes in an oven, for them it is the most available way of preparation.

The interesting facts about dried tomatoes

  • Dried tomatoes, as well as fresh vegetables, are rich with vitamin C and mineral substances. In only 100 g of a product – 27% of standard daily rate of iron, 28% of cellulose and 39% of potassium.
  • Experts counted that 50 g of dried tomatoes and 100 g boiled or fresh contain identical amount of nutrients.
  • For prevention of complications of heart troubles and vessels to hypertensive persons doctors recommend to use dried tomatoes regularly. It is proved that they reduce the level of cholesterol and arterial blood pressure.
  • Mature tomatoes contain antioxidant the lycopene protecting cells of the person from cancer. It is interesting that at heat treatment of tomatoes, including when drying the level of this substance not only doesn't fall, and increases – in 15 minutes of heat treatment – by 1.5 times!
  • Dried tomatoes can be eaten as ingredient of sandwiches, to add to various dishes: sauces, salads, pastes to give to meat, fish, vegetables.

The first preparations

Before starting heat treatment of tomatoes, carefully select raw materials. houseconditionsIt is recommended to dry tomatoes in from such grades as "slivka", "cherry", "grapes", "a ladies' finger". Ideal tomatoes for drying not too juicy, they have to have a dense pulp.

This recipe of dried tomatoes is calculated on 5 kg of raw materials. Wash up tomatoes in a protochnoyvoda and dry. After that cut vegetables on half. Remove with a tea spoon seeds and juice, having left only the most dense pulp, adjacent to skin. It is possible to dry tomatoes!

Lay out the prepared segments of vegetables on a clean cloth a thin skin top and you hold so 30 minutes that the remained juice flowed out. Lay a baking tray paper for roasting and spread out on it tomatoes, but now – pulp top, like plateaus.

Sprinkle each vegetable slice a small amount of olive or sunflower oil. On 5 kg of raw materials at you no more than three tablespoons will leave. Mix a salt tablespoon with a small amount of a fresh ground black pepper, seasonings to taste and strew tomatoes with the received mix. Place a baking tray in an oven.

Important: to dry tomatoes in an oven, it has to have adjustment of temperature and air circulation! You hold a baking tray at a temperature which isn't exceeding 40-80os. If the furnace isn't equipped with convection function, in 1 h after the beginning of drying tomatoes slightly open a door that there was steam.

Tomatoes will be prepared 4-6 hours, depending on the sizes, at the same time they will lose at least 60% of initial weight. If you learned to dry tomatoes in an oven correctly, then from 5 kg of crude tomatoes about 1.5 kg dried have to turn out.

How to store dried tomatoes

Within three weeks the dried tomatoes can lie in a refrigerating compartment in a clean plastic bag. For storage of tomatoes for the winter put them in linen bags and you hold at the room temperature.

As option, place tomatoes in the sterilized glass jars and fill in with sunflower or olive oil so that it completely covered vegetables. Add a little citrus dried peel, chopped parsley, davleny garlic, olives, it is possible to add to taste some seasoning – a thyme, rosemary.

Roll up a container, let's week - another infuse in the fridge, and you can send preparation for long-term storage in a cool. After tasty snack is eaten, use the fragrant oil which remained from dried tomatoes as juicy gas station for salads.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team