How to dry up a lemon

How to dry up a lemon

All know that the lemon is irreplaceable at cold, it is good in many creams and stuffings, perfectly supplements fish dishes. But there is more to come. A lemon – a fine element of decorative finishing and if to dry it, you will be able to decorate a coffee table with exotic composition and to flavor air in the room. And you can receive a dish of tasty and beautiful candied fruits.

It is required to you

  • lemons;
    • the carnation which is (not ground);
    • granulated sugar;


1. To receive decorative dried lemon segments, cut a lemon circles no more than five millimeters thick. Spread out an even layer on paper for pastries and leave in well aired room for several days. Once a day overturn drying segments. Process of drying will take about a week. The dried-up lemons can be used for decorative compositions, finishing of gift boxes, handmade soap.

2. To receive a decorative aromatic ball choose the whole, not overripe lemon with a thick dried peel. In a dried peel make openings and insert into them a carnation. When drying the lemon will decrease in the volume so insert cloves not really often. Put the lemon prepared for drying in a paper packet and hang up for a month in well aired room. The lemon which is dried up in such a way it is possible to tie with a thin decorative cord or to put in a thin grid and to suspend in the room. In the same way it is possible to dry limes and medium-sized oranges.

3. To receive candied fruits, take four lemons. Wash up lemons in cold water and dry wipe. Cut lemons on segments. Put segments in water and you cook them within two-three minutes. Shift segments in cold water and soak two days, changing water every day. It will help to remove bitterness from lemons. Make syrup of a glass of water and four glasses of granulated sugar. Fill in segments with hot syrup and leave for five hours. Put the vessel with lemons on fire, bring syrup to the boil and you cook five minutes. Keep lemons in syrup ten hours then again put lemons on fire and cook within five minutes. It is necessary to repeat this operation three times. Lay out lemon segments on a plate and leave to dry at the room temperature in well aired room. Several times a day overturn lemon segments that they kept pleasant appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team