How to dry vegetables in the dryer it is correct

How to dry vegetables in the dryer it is correct

When drying from vegetables and fruit only moisture evaporates. The structure of cages in their fabrics as it happens when freezing, doesn't change. For this reason drying devices also become such popular with summer residents and housewives. To all other and the answer to a question of how to dry vegetables with use of the similar equipment, is absolutely simple.

Nutritive matters in dried products remains even more, than in put on fresh storage. So, for example, in the apples of loss of useful minerals and vitamins K realized in shop to the end of winter can make up to 90%. Drying as a way of preparation allows to keep in vegetables and fruit practically all substances, nutritious and useful to a human body. Besides, when using a similar technique it is possible to process the plentiful harvest received in a garden or on a kitchen garden, as soon as possible and without special labor expenses.

Advantages of drying in the dryer

Delete moisture from tomatoes, apples, carrot and so forth it is possible in different ways. Vegetables and fruit dry directly in the sun, in an oven and even on batteries. But the most convenient way is, of course, drying in the special device — the dryer. When using such equipment it is possible not to be afraid of the fact that products in the course of processing will decay or will be struck by insects. Besides and the answer to a question of how to dry vegetables, berries and fruit with use of similar devices, is simple. Such operation at their application becomes much less labor-consuming.

What can be put

Of course, the hostesses who bought the similar equipment first of all are interested in what can be dried in a vegetable dehydrator. Put in such device it is allowed:

  • mushrooms;
  • potato;
  • carrot:
  • beet;
  • tomatoes;
  • cabbage;
  • onions and garlic.

Certainly, it is possible to dry in such equipment and any greens. Very tasty turn out as well the fruit and berries prepared in this way. In the dryer it is possible to put apples, pears, plums, apricots, strawberry, cherry, raspberry. Generally, the grown-up harvest practically of any garden or garden culture can be dried in the dryer.

Preparation for drying

Only the healthy, intact vegetables and fruit are suitable for such way of preparation, of course. The selected fruits also have to be fresh. It is possible to take for drying and a little spoiled vegetables. However all affected areas in this case should be cut out previously.

Before laying of vegetables in the device, they should be washed out properly, if necessary to peel and cut segments. In most cases thickness of the last has to be about 0.5 cm. An exception are only preparations of dried vegetables for preparation of soups and borsches. Carrot and beet in this case before drying are grated. Cabbage and potato are cut straws. Onions are sliced into small pieces, garlic — on large.

How to put in the device

So, how to dry vegetables in the dryer it is correct? Before placing cutting in the dryer, it is desirable to prostelit each its tier cotton fabric. Otherwise the dried-up pieces can fail down. It is necessary to cut so many vegetables how many from can be located in the device. At the same time it is allowed to dry several their different types at the same time. But in this case the procedure nevertheless, most likely, should be carried out in stages. Drying time at different vegetables is unequal.

We dry vegetables and fruit in the dryer: what it is necessary to know about

Many hostesses note the fact that the device tier is lower, the on it vegetables and fruit are dried up quicker. Therefore when performing drying it is necessary to watch that the vegetables located below didn't burn.

Of course, constantly it is impossible to monitor process of drying in such adaptation which lasts usually about a day. If it is necessary to leave, for example, the house, the dryer is allowed to be switched-off. It won't affect quality of the dried-up vegetables in any way. Some hostesses even consider that in case the device was switched off from time to time, the final product turns out more tasty.

How to dry vegetables very juicy or berries

When drying such products, a lot of juice is usually formed. A design of modern dryers such is that it can't get on electronics at effluence. The device anyway won't break. However it is worth putting a baking plate the lower pallet some capacity for collecting juice nevertheless.

It is possible also just to put less vegetables and fruit on pallets. In this case juice won't flow down anywhere. And dried segments will turn out more tasty and fragrant. Raspberry berries, for example, display on pallets so that they didn't concern each other. However it is possible to put this or any other berry and a layer. In this case the tasty fruit candy will turn out.

Also when drying very juicy vegetables, fruit and berries on a device cover moisture usually accumulates. It will need to be wiped from time to time.

How to store the dried-up vegetables

Thus, we found out how to dry vegetables with use of such equipment as the dryer. The harvest prepared by such technique is stored most often in the banks covered with covers. In this case fruit, vegetables, greens and berries won't become dusty and won't absorb in themselves foreign smells. Banks can be stored, for example, just in the storeroom. It is optional to keep them in the fridge.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team