How to eat before a training to lose weight

How to eat before a training to lose weight

Health and symmetry — the purpose of trainings which is set before themselves by many women and men. Such occupations have to remove the saved-up fat deposits and tighten muscles. To gain the maximum effect, it is necessary to make the correct diet throughout the day and also know what needs to be eaten before a training.

Why is before a training

Physical exercises demand energy therefore occupations next the heart will lead to loss of muscle bulk. The organism will switch in the survivals mode and will take away protein from fabrics, leading to loss of elasticity of a body.

Considerable restrictions in food reduce metabolism, and weight stands still. Correctly picked up food will increase endurance, will start process of combustion of fat and will give inflow of forces.

Learn what from sports food to accept for weight loss.

What can be eaten before a training to lose weight

Answers to questions, what to eat before occupations? and what it is better to eat to lose weight? interest considerable number of people. Fitness trainers and nutritionists picked up recommendations for those who want to lose weight and be healthy.

Before intensive loading the experienced experts advise is the food containing proteins and slow carbohydrates.


The main objective of protein consists in construction of new cages of an organism.

Whether you know? Standard daily rates of consumption of protein for weight loss of women are 140 (weighing 50 kg), 150 (weighing 60 kg), 165 (weighing 70 kg) and 175 g (for 80 kg). To men there will be enough 165/170/175/185 g according to.

Proteinaceous amino acids — material without which it is impossible to do when forming a beautiful and slim figure.

For weight loss before performance of exercises it is possible to eat a small portion of proteinaceous food:

  • low-fat boiled chicken meat (fillet without skin), fillet of a turkey;
  • steam or boiled fish;
  • omelet or boiled egg;
  • fermented milk products.

These products are quickly acquired and will not make heavier a stomach during the occupations.


Carbohydrates are fast and slow (they are also called difficult). Slow carbohydrates have the low glycemic index that speaks about the small speed of their assimilation by an organism. Such products give feeling of saturation for longer term and longer maintain optimum level of sugar in blood.

Before a training it is possible to eat:

  • rice, buckwheat or porridge;
  • pasta from wheat of firm grades;
  • vegetables and fruit salad (except bananas and grapes).

Slow carbohydrates — peculiar fuel which will give forces at a training.

Pay attention on the best zhiroszhigatel for weight loss.

What cannot be eaten

Avoid the products containing a large number of sugar and heavy fats. Sugar — fast carbohydrate which provides with energy only on a short period. And fat long is in a stomach and will disturb occupations. Do not eat such products before occupations:

  • bananas;
  • grapes;
  • fat meat;
  • fried food;
  • sweets.

A large number of food before a training will force an organism to spend just received calories, but not saved up fat reserves.

What to drink before a training for combustion of fat

Maintenance of water balance — an integral part of healthy weight loss. Water allows to restore the liquid lost through sweating during the strengthened physical exercises. Sip still water of room temperature.

Important! The daily need of an organism for water makes 30–40 g on 1 kg of weight (for the adult).

In 30 minutes before occupations it is possible to drink green tea without sugar. This drink perfectly tones up, satisfies thirst and promotes burning of fat cages.

One more option of drink — unsweetened berry fruit drink.

When and how many it is necessary to eat

The matter of time is not less important. Process of digestion has to be completed before a training therefore is it is necessary in 2 hours prior to occupations. However to drink a glass of kefir or it is possible to eat light salad and for an hour prior to a training. If you are going to do intensive exercises since morning, eat apple or low-fat cottage cheese for breakfast.

The volume of food has to correspond usually accepted at this time day.

Get acquainted with sets of exercises for weight loss in gym.

Healthy nutrition — guarantee of successful weight loss. Combining intensive physical activities and suitable food before a training, it is possible to achieve desirable result much quicker.

Food before and after a training for weight loss: video

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