How to eat sea salt

How to eat sea salt

Sea salt is evaporated from sea water and slightly cleaned from impurity. She contains a set of useful elements and emphasizes original taste of dishes, doing them is more fragrant and more gentle.

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1. Use coarse and average sea salt for preparation of first courses – put in a pan right after boiling of vegetable and fish broths and before the end of cooking of meat soups.

2. Fill coarse and average sea salt in hot water before cooking of rice, vegetables and pasta. Apply such salt to conservation and salting fish.

3. Use small sea salt in already ready-to-eat meals including directly at a table. In salads put sea salt before watering them with oil.

4. Try mix under the name "Sea Salt with Herbs" which contains, besides salt, green onions, parsley, a basil, sea seaweed and sometimes in addition spicery. Such combination helps to strengthen immunity, to split fat and to bring liquid out of an organism. Especially mix of salt and herbs is useful to people with diseases of kidneys and an arterial hypertension. Even advise them daily to accept a teaspoon of this mix as medicine.

5. Pay attention that quality sea salt has to contain about 50% of KCl. In it there are no artificial additives. In salt where CaKl prevails, few valuable components capable to revitalize an organism. Sea salt in general is considered more salty, than usual pure salt therefore and it is necessary to add to food it less, than we got used.

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