How to eat to the feeding mom?

How to eat to the feeding mom?

Did you become a mom? Congratulations! But whether you know that the feeding mummy needs to watch a diet of the food more than ever?


1. After the delivery and during feeding of the kid a breast you shouldn't go on a rigid diet. It is necessary that all substances necessary for it came to an organism of mom. For example, proteins are extremely important. Cell membranes, for example, are under construction of them. Animal protein contains in beef, chicken, pork and other, and vegetable - in cereals: buckwheat, oat-flakes.

2. Carbohydrates are the energy necessary for digestion, breath and other processes of an organism. But not all carbohydrates are useful to the kid - some of them can cause the increased gas generation as, for example, cabbage.

3. Fats need to be received too, the hormones necessary for regulation of work of all organism are formed of them. If before childbirth you accepted vitamins, that time to continue a course - vitamins and minerals are necessary to the child.

4. It is better to limit the use of allergenic products. The following products in most cases cause allergies in remains: honey, nuts, red vegetables and fruit, citrus, milk and dairy products, eggs, strawberry and chocolate.

5. If your kid was born by means of Cesarean section, then the first days it is better not to go to a toilet ""more"" - the natuzhivaniye can cause a divergence of seams. It is necessary to exclude from a diet of the food fruit and vegetables, cereals and bread because of the content in them of cellulose which forms a food lump. Come back to a habitual food allowance only in couple of days.

6. Newly-baked mummy at first after the delivery has to drink no more than one and a half liters of water a day. Milk came? Then reduce liquid consumption approximately to liter. Otherwise swelling of mammary glands is possible.

7. Also costs in about 7-8 days after the birth of the child to create the diary of a diet. If mom tries a new product, then let write down reaction of the kid to this product in the diary - whether rash or, let us assume, reddenings on skin developed? If changes are, then so far you shouldn't use this product - wait several months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team