How to extinguish soda vinegar

How to extinguish soda vinegar

In many recipes of pastries it is possible to meet a phrase: "Put the soda extinguished by vinegar in dough". Soda is added to pastries as baking powder. However soda in itself rather poorly influences dough. And even on the contrary can give it gray-yellow color and unpleasant smack. The fact is that in soda per se of insufficiently carbon dioxide for a test raising. But, having extinguished soda vinegar, we will transform it to a sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide. Just this carbon dioxide also promotes loosening and a raising of the test. And correctly to extinguish soda vinegar, it is enough to follow simple advice.

It is required to you

  • soda teaspoon
    • 4-6 drops of 9% of vinegar


1. Fill the necessary amount of soda in a spoon. Usually the exact proportion is specified in the recipe – from 0.5 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon.

2. Drip in a spoon a few 9% of vinegar. For a teaspoon there are enough 4-6 drops. It isn't recommended to use undiluted vinegar.

3. In a spoon the impassioned chemical reaction will begin. Soda will begin to hiss and foams. When clearing soda with vinegar it isn't necessary to wait for the end of reaction, immediately implicate the extinguished soda in dough. Reaction between soda and acid will continue also after a test batch.

4. The kneaded dough is recommended to be put at once in the warmed oven. Then ready pastries will turn out rather magnificent and beautiful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team