How to feed the big company for birthday

How to feed the big company for birthday

Has to be at a birthday party of all much: gifts, entertainments, cheerful jokes, tasty food. If there is a wish to invite many people to the holiday, then it is necessary to think over, than to feed them.

Conditionally, birthdays can be divided into children's, adult and mixed. There will be in the latter case both age categories therefore it is better to make a children's and adult table. There are dishes which can be given all. First of all is a snack. It is better to begin a festival with it the big company.

Snack dishes

KanapeVozmite 2-3 long loafs of white loaf (depending on the number of guests), cut it on slices 0.8 cm thick and cut off from them a crust. Now the glass with upper cuts, diameter – 5-6 cm is required. By means of this glass or crystal tool make grain disks. Now it is possible to put on them from above various layers, and then – to fasten all this design with special skewers for a canape. Here options of some canapes:

Smear bread with a desi, put on it a piece of the cheese which is cut out by means of the same glass. Further the thin square piece of ham is cut off and is fixed above in a sail form. It is possible to make a sail of an oval piece of a cucumber, and to put ham on cheese. On a round or oval grain basis put a piece of a salmon, and from above on it – a rose from oil and several red berries. To make a rose, a sharp knife from the frozen piece of oil the tape is removed and it is wrapped in the form of a flower. The basis for a canape can be not only their bread, but also from cracker, unsweetened puff pastry. Layers can be very various too: fish, game, meat, vegetables. To feed the big company, do salads in enough. They belong to snack dishes too, but also are perfectly combined with hot.

What to give on hot

Dishes for a birthday have to be tasty and look effectively. It is good to serve the chicken baked completely. If the company very big, then it is possible to prepare 2-3 carcasses. Such pleasure costs not much, and guests will be happy and full. To prepare this dish, chicken, salt and mayonnaise will be necessary. Wash up a carcass, dry on a towel a little, rub outside and inside I will merge. Now it needs to be put in the oiled roasting pan. If there is no wish to boil separately potatoes, then they can fill a bird. Put a chicken in the oven warmed up to 190 wasps on 40-50 (depending on the carcass sizes), having covered with a cover. After this time get it, apply on top and side surfaces mayonnaise, put in a roasting pan again, without covering with a cover. Bake 15 more minutes before emergence of an appetizing crust. On a children's table it is possible to put balls, nuggets from chicken breast of own preparation, but also the chicken baked entirely will be pleasant to children. Adults can make pork chops in a cheese breading or to bake gammon in an oven. Festive cake will finish a cheerful feast. Besides it, at the end of a banquet, it is possible to serve ice cream, candies, fruit.

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