How to fill a wafer rolls

How to fill a wafer rolls

If you had an electric waffle iron, then it will be important not only it is correct to make dough for tubules, but also to fill them with a tasty stuffing. There are several ways of preparation of stuffings and filling of a wafer rolls with them.

It is required to you

  • - a boiled condensed milk – 1 bank;
  • - a desi – 300 g;
  • - egg — 1 yolk;
  • - granulated sugar — 150 g;
  • - vanilla sugar — 11 g (1 bag);
  • - milk — 150 ml.


1. Prepare a stuffing. To fill a wafer rolls, it is necessary to prepare a tasty stuffing, first of all. You can choose simple classical option and make it of a condensed milk with a desi. For this purpose it is necessary to shake up the mixer a desi before formation of viscous white weight. Without ceasing to shake up, gradually enter a condensed milk into a desi. Shake up cream until the uniform magnificent mix which will be your stuffing turns out.

2. If you want to depart a little from classics and to surprise family and guests, make custard. For this purpose take egg and separate a yolk from protein. Protein isn't required to you therefore you can remove it in the fridge or throw out. Mix a yolk with milk before receiving homogeneous mass, and then add granulated sugar and vanilla sugar to this mix. Carefully mix everything and put on slow fire. You cook until cream doesn't thicken – usually this process takes about five minutes. Before the use cream needs to be cooled.

3. Fill tubules in the course of preparation. To save time, fill tubules directly in preparation time, one for another. In advance make cream, take a tablespoon and put all this near yourself. Wait until the first wafer layer prepares, remove it from the waffle iron and pour dough for preparation of the following layer. While it is baked thoroughly, smear ready layer with a stuffing and accurately curtail into a tubule. Thus, you will fill each tubule at that time while following is preparing. Resorting to this method, it is important not to allow future tubule to cool down and harden, otherwise you won't be able to curtail it – dough will break and be scattered.

4. Use the confectionery syringe or a cornet. This method of filling of tubules a stuffing assumes stage-by-stage preparation – at first you bake and you displace tubules, then you fill them with a stuffing. It is convenient in case you prepare beforehand, but you want to arrival of guests a wafer part to remain firm and crunchy. In such situation it will be more expedient to prepare a basis in advance and to fill it just before the use that cream didn't manage to be absorbed and soften wafers. For this purpose use a cornet or the confectionery syringe. Place in advance prepared stuffing in your device and squeeze out in tubules from two parties so that the middle didn't remain empty.

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