How to fill profiteroles

How to fill profiteroles

Profiteroles are tasty cakes from custard paste in which when baking the cavity which is filled with cream or other stuffing is created. Each hostess has secrets, will list the most popular.

Profiteroles (choux pastry) form a basis for various dishes: it is possible to make a dessert, having filled profiteroles with sweet cream or snack, having put in profiterole mix from cheese, caviar or salad. The stuffing having consistence light air, without large components (custard, oil cream, paste), is filled not as a stuffing which has large components in structure (cheese, caviar, cutting or cream with nuts). 

Way first. This way the simplest: when profiterole cools down, it is necessary to cut it lengthways on 2 parts or to make a small cut and to lay out a stuffing by means of a tea or coffee spoon. This way is suitable both for a stuffing of cream consistence, and for the stuffing having large components. This way has minuses: profiterole doesn't look complete any more, it isn't really convenient to eat it (the stuffing can drop out of area of a cut) and to densely fill it with a stuffing too it won't turn out. The stuffing having large components can be put in profiterole only this way.

Way second: fill profiterole with cream by means of a pastry bag. The bag for a nachineniye of profiterole has to be made of dense material (silicone or polyethylene) as the bag from textiles passes through itself a stuffing. For a bag it is necessary to take a nozzle with the sharp end and a small opening, to pierce profiterole by means of a knife or by means of a nozzle and to fill. The lack of a way is that the bag after a nachineniye needs to be washed well.

Way third: fill by means of the confectionery syringe. It is convenient to Polzvatsya by the syringe, profiterole can be filled with a stuffing densely, and the plastic nose easily pierces a profiterole surface. Minus - expensively can also be bought low-quality goods.

Way fourth: make a cornet of food paper. An easy way, but it is previously necessary to make an opening by means of a knife in profiteroles.

Way fifth: fill profiterole by means of the catheter syringe.  It is possible to buy such syringe in any pharmacy, it costs little, has the volume of 150-200 ml., is made of plastic. The disposable syringe, but if to use it for the culinary purposes, then after application it is necessary to wash it. Will serve as fine and inexpensive replacement to the culinary syringe.

By experience of hostesses, best of all to fill profiteroles from large components in the first way (to make a cut and to put a stuffing by means of a spoon), and for a cream stuffing it is the most convenient to use the catheter syringe which can be bought in pharmacy.

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