How to fix red calves

How to fix red calves

Red calves - calves of salmons - a tasty, useful and nutritious product. It contains a large amount of valuable proteins, vitamins, fats. The main way of culinary processing - the ambassador.


1. Of course, caviar, as well as sturgeon, doesn't happen semifresh. However, quite often happens that having opened a treasured jar, you with disappointment find out that it seems the product normal, fresh, but looks not too esthetically.

2. If caviar looks dried up, the berries deformed with dents, strongly bound together, add to a jar with caviar 1-2 teaspoons of mineral water - Borjomi, Yessentuki or Narzan. Cover or food wrap that it didn't zavetritsya, and leave till the evening in the fridge. Mineral water will be absorbed in caviar, it will become dense, juicy, shining again.

3. If caviar was too salty on taste, fill in it with warmish, boiled water, leave for some time (not longer than 7-10 minutes). Cast away caviar on a sieve and drain water. Try: if it still too salty, repeatedly wash it with boiled water.

4. To improve a look and taste of tinned red caviar, especially, if it had to be washed out, add a small amount of vegetable oil. It is better to use deodorized oil, but there are fans who prefer sunflower oil with a smell of sunflower seeds.

5. If caviar has a normal appearance, but there was a soft sourish taste, and it is a pity to throw out, try to wash out it in fresh tea leaves of black tea. Also for these purposes it is possible to use boiled milk (instead of tea tea leaves).

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