How to freeze drinking water

How to freeze drinking water

Water is important for human health. And melt water is also incredibly useful. Such water is called "live" as it is ideal on structure, is easily acquired and gives to an organism energy. Freezing of water to ice with the subsequent its thawing – the most available and effective way of clarification of tap water in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - capacity for water; - freezer.


1. Giving preference to any given way of water purification, keep in mind that unboiled water is many times richer on structure and it is more useful to health person. "Dead" water becomes after boiling as in it all mineral minerals perish and change. Therefore for preparation of this wonderful means use the crude or filtered water.

2. The water clarification method is based by freezing on the following law of the nature: speed of freezing of liquid with impurity and a pure water differs. For a long time by numerous experiments it is established that in the course of transition of water to ice in it impurity both at the beginning, and at the end of freezing are late.

3. Pour water in capacity and put in the freezer. It is desirable not to use plastic bottles as the narrow neck won't allow to remove the first small pieces of ice with the high content of a deuterium for these purposes. When water begins to freeze slightly, remove an ice crust (about 10%) and again send water to the freezer.

4. Leave to a full zaledeneniye of bulk. If you are in time, merge the last, not turned into ice water (about 20%). Anyway rinse the mass of ice under cold water from under the crane until the piece becomes absolutely transparent. The "dirty" surface of ice can be gray, whitish. And if this "dirty" ice to collect and allow it to thaw, on water you will see a fat film. It is dangerous to use it.

5. You heat ice at the room temperature. Melt water can be drunk right after defrosting, it isn't required to be boiled, it is already ready for the use. For health it is the most useful to use "live" water on an empty stomach or in 20 minutes prior to food.

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