How to freeze fruit

How to freeze fruit

In the presence houses of the fridge with the big freezer use preparation of fruit and berries for the future – freeze them. During the winter period you will have eco-friendly products from own giving which it is possible, having defrozen, to eat, only slightly powdering with a sugar sand, even without thermal treatment. Use house frosts for pies and compotes. Some berries when defrosting, for example, the gooseberry and blackcurrant perfectly keep the form and taste. It is possible to decorate with them cake.

It is required to you

  • fruit;
    • berries;
    • trays;
    • plastic containers with a cover;
    • plastic packages.


1. Do preliminary work on preparation of fruit and berries to freezing – touch them. Remove everything begun to rot and rumpled. Wash out fruit and berries in water. If you want to freeze raspberry, then it can't be washed. You will mark rather dirty berries a damp brush for greasing of pies. Don't forget to wash out a brush after use.

2. Cut large and firm fruit on a part. It belongs to apples, pears, a quince. They need to be cut with thick slices, having removed sunflower seeds. Divide peaches, plums, apricots into halves and remove stones.

3. Subject firm fruit to scalding. At such processing, microbes are destroyed, from fruits excess moisture and air is removed, enzymes which promote darkening of fruit collapse.

4. Boil water in a wide pan. Put fruit slices in a metal sieve cloth and lower in the boiling water for two minutes. Get a sieve and shift slices to cool down on a flat dish.

5. Try to freeze fruit so that they were in all directions, but not a uniform briquette. For this purpose spread out the blanched fruit and fruit without stones in one layer on a flat tray and put in the freezer.

6. Fill the prepared berries in cardboard boxes or foam pallets a thin layer and put to be frozen.

7. If you have a function of deep freezing in the fridge, then include it.

8. Mature fruit and berries in the freezer before full freezing.

9. Get the frozen product from the freezer.

10. Pour fruit and berries into containers with a cover or put in several plastic packages. Everything has to be densely packed that there was no process of a vymorazhivaniye.

11. Place house freezing in the freezer.

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