How to freeze mushrooms for the winter, having kept their aroma

How to freeze mushrooms for the winter, having kept their aroma

It is possible to freeze both the crude, and thermally processed mushrooms. If to make it by rules, in the winter you will be able to make from them fragrant mushroom ragout, odorous soup, juicy roast in pots, the most delicate Spanish omelet.

General recommendations

The most important rule - mushrooms for freezing have to be fresh! Young aspen mushrooms and cepes and also russulas, svinushka, saffron milk caps and coral milky caps are suitable for freezing within a day. Slippery jacks and birch mushrooms need processing directly right after collecting. 

For freezing it is better to take small, strong and young copies, it is desirable not broken. A lot of things depend on the last two parameters is the appearance of mushrooms after a defrosting and their gustatory qualities, in particular, aroma. Previously it isn't recommended to wash them. It is only possible to shake from them leaves, the earth and other litter. Mushrooms with ease incorporate water which when freezing will turn into ice.

How to freeze crude mushrooms

The easiest to freeze mushrooms fresh and entirely. The mushrooms having a sponge under a hat should be frozen only fresh. Slippery jacks, white and aspen mushrooms belong to them. In a boiled look they will become too watery and will strongly lose in taste after defrosting. 

To preserve the place in the freezer, mushrooms need to be cut previously. At the same time the tiniest copies can be frozen entirely, they will serve as good decoration of many dishes. However, initially they have to be strong, otherwise mushrooms after a defrosting won't hold a form. 

Distribute the prepared mushrooms on a tray a thin layer and place in the freezer for 12-15 hours. During this time they have to manage to be frozen. Temperature in the camera has to be maximum. Place the frozen mushrooms in a plastic bag and return to the freezer, having exposed in it usual temperature condition. 

Honey agarics, boletuses, forest champignons, birch mushrooms, chanterelles will be ideal mushrooms for freezing in such a way.

How to freeze boiled mushrooms

This way of freezing will be suitable for broken, lost presentation, but tasty and fresh mushrooms. Boil them, it is absolutely short - about 5 minutes. Cast away mushrooms on a colander and let's water flow down within 30-50 minutes. After that it is possible to wring out mushrooms a little hands to remove unnecessary moisture. After that they need to be placed in a clean container or a dense package and to remove in the freezer.

Calculate quantity of mushrooms in a container so that you could use one package or a container for preparation of one dish.

It is also possible to freeze also the fried mushrooms. For this purpose fry clean mushrooms on a small amount of vegetable oil within 15-20 minutes, excess moisture won't evaporate yet. Spread out completely cooled down mushrooms on packages and freeze. That they didn't lose when frying the matchless aroma and a sweet taste, mushrooms can be fried on a baking sheet in an oven. Such roasting won't require even oil as mushrooms will be prepared in own juice.

The mushrooms frozen on this way will be ideal as a stuffing for pies, coulibiac, chicken. 

How many it is possible to store the frozen mushrooms

The frozen mushrooms for the winter should be stored at a temperature - 18 wasps. The term of their storage - is no more than a year. After a full defrosting at once use mushrooms, and don't leave them on "then" in the fridge at all.

As it is correct to defreeze mushrooms

Keep in mind what mushrooms, as well as any other product, inadmissibly to subject to refreezing. Otherwise you receive watery tasteless porridge.

It is necessary to defreeze mushrooms slowly. For this purpose just shift them to the lower shelf of the fridge and leave for 12-20 hours.

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