How to freeze products for storage

How to freeze products for storage

At the beginning of the last century the pickles, cooking, drying and smoking was traditional ways of preparation of fruit, vegetables, meat and berry. Today the refrigeration industry introduced the amendments. All products can be frozen. And not to spoil food in the course of freezing, it is necessary to do it in due form.

For freezing of berry, fruit, mushrooms and vegetables choose only integral products, without visible damages. Process cut vegetables and fruit otherwise. It is desirable to freeze only ripe products.

Before the procedure of freezing vegetables, fruit and berries it is necessary to wash a baking plate with flowing water and to spread out on a dry towel. When they to dry, it is possible to begin them to processing.

Remove all inedible parts from products, cut off tails. Too large copies can be cut on several parts that they were frozen at the same time. For economy of the place in the freezer the products can be blanched. Place fruits or mushrooms on a rating or distribute on plastic bags, it is possible to put no more than 600-800 g in each of which. It is optimum to freeze berries on a rating and after hardening to pour them in a sack. The freezer should be put on the strongest temperature condition. At the low power of the freezer the products will unevenly freeze, and it is possible to store them no more than 2 months (at the high power in-18 degrees – up to 12 months). On the contrary, you shouldn't wash meat, fish or chicken before freezing. For uniform freezing divide fish and meat on packages weighing 500-600 g, the bird is well frozen entirely. Fish can be not cleaned before freezing, and here it is desirable to clean from scales. Remember, cold only keeps, but doesn't improve taste and quality of products, and sometimes and reduces it (an exception – persimmon and ice cream). For example, slightly заветревшийся the steak or cut fruit will become more tasty and better in the freezer not. And the most important is it is necessary to freeze quickly. At slow impact of cold in structure of a product, large kristallik of ice are formed, they tear fabric, do it watery. It means that after a defrosting the product will lose all juice, gastronomic properties will decrease.

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