How to freeze vegetables and greens for the winter

How to freeze vegetables and greens for the winter

The towards the end of summer, the becomes hotter in country kitchens: it is time to cook jams, to make a brine for cucumbers and tomatoes, to scald banks... And to prepare a harvest for the future and it is possible to keep vitamins also by means of cold. Then it isn't necessary to be spent for expensive "freezing" in shops in the winter. Both vegetables, and berries, and even greens will perfectly wait for hit on a table in the freezer. And preparation of such canned food doesn't differ in complexity or labor input.

Garlic. Only the fresh and intact heads suit for freezing. It is better not to wash them before cooling that the peel didn't gather excess moisture. It is enough to skim films. Lay the whole heads in one layer in a plastic bag and let out the excess air. After that densely tie a package and remove in the freezer at several o'clock. It is also possible to polish garlic separate cloves and to freeze it in small food containers. As required get and defreeze necessary quantity of a product.

Onions. The onions are perfectly stored in the basement and not too rise in price in shops by the end of winter. Therefore there is no urgent need for its freezing. However in life it is very convenient to have a stock of in advance cut onions which is only enough to be laid out on a frying pan or to throw in soup. It is simpler to many hostesses to cut several kilograms of onions for time and then to use the necessary quantity. The only thing — taste and aroma in the frozen look it keeps not longer than two months. Clean and carefully wash bulbs with cold water. Cut it in cubes, rings or half rings and lay in packages for freezing demolition to 1 cm. Close packages, sign date of freezing and put in the freezer equal layers — so will break off more conveniently small portions.

Greens. Touch the greens removed from a bed — fennel, parsley, cilantro, etc. Remove all damaged or spoiled branches and carefully wash out. Spread out greens on towels in one layer and dry. Then cut and lay in packages for freezing, having created dense thin sausages. Accurately inwrap packages and freeze. It is possible to apply other option to sauces, soups and goulashes. Fennel, parsley or their mix are small chopped and mixed with a desi (on 200 g of greens — 50 g of oil). The turned-out weight is displayed on molds for ice (or use plastic forms from boxes from candies) and removed at several o'clock on a frost. After that cubes and balls can be shifted in packages or a container and to store in the freezer.

Rhubarb. Touch a collected product, remove all damaged parts of a stalk. Wash up them and dry on towels. Rind with stalks, cut out accurately black impregnations. Cut a rhubarb: for future pies — cubes up to 1.5х1.5 cm, for compotes — bars up to 3 cm long. Spread out preparation in one layer on a board or a baking sheet and place for an hour in the freezer, and then at once pour to a package or a container and complete freezing. At such way the pieces won't stick to each other.

Carrots. For preparation of the root crops cut in rings or cubes, carrots are washed out and cleaned, and then blanched. For this purpose it is necessary to boil water in a big pan, nearby to put a bowl with cold water and to pour out there several handfuls of ice. Place the prepared carrots in a sieve or a colander and lower for 2-3 minutes in boiled water, and then at once in ice water. Dry pieces on towels and carry out the same actions with the rest of preparations. Spread out the dried carrots on a baking sheet or a plate and freeze within an hour, and then pour into a package, let out the excess air and densely tie. It is also possible just to grate the peeled carrots, to spread out on packages a thin layer and to place in the freezer. In 2-3 hours break layers that carrots finally froze. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team