How to fry in a non-stick frying pan

How to fry in a non-stick frying pan

The non-stick frying pan is framed not only to cook in it food, it is easy to surface and without effort to remove the prepared dishes, but also to keep health. In such frying pan it is possible to cook light dishes without excess oil.


1. Non-stick coating in a frying pan was specially thought up to fry on it food without oil. Preparation in this frying pan has to not only make dishes tasty, but also save them from excess fats. However, not all frying pans with non-stick coating have high quality therefore fat-free food can stick a little in them. In this case it should be added on a frying pan a little oil - no more tablespoon. In one more way to avoid such situation will get rather expensive quality frying pans with non-stick coating.

2. It is necessary to warn that it frying pans can't be heated too strongly without food in them: non-stick coating can allocate dangerous elements from big heating. Therefore if your frying pan was heated and you catch a smell, it is better to air quickly the room for your safety. Besides, it is necessary to notice that such frying pans not really long serve, in a couple of years they should be changed because the surface will be scratched and food will stick with a bottom.

3. So, warm a frying pan not really strongly, if desired add a little oil, but be not overzealous. Distribute oil on all surface of a frying pan. Then, when it will a little heat up, lay out a dish on its middle. Well warm up or roast it on the one hand, turn on another. For a frying pan with non-stick coating it is possible to use only plastic or wooden shovels. Don't use iron shovels or forks to overturn food - keen edges the special covering and a frying pan can damage will quicker become useless.

4. It is possible to lay out a ready-to-eat meal and without a shovel - products after frying shouldn't stick to non-stick coating. Now it is necessary to spread out a dish on plates and to enjoy healthy and tasty food. Preparation by means of such frying pan is capable to reduce several times the fat content of dishes, to keep excellent taste of food and human health.

5. However to fry in such frying pan absolutely without use of oil won't leave. Many dishes well turn out only in a large amount of oil. Toasts, donuts, French fries, meat breaded can't be fried absolutely without oil use. In this case, to make dishes less high-calorie and to remove from them surplus of oil, it is necessary to lay out only after preparation them for a while on a tissue which will absorb excess fat.

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