How to fry pork shish kebab

How to fry pork shish kebab

Each people and, perhaps, at each family have the recipe for a shish kebab. Ways of preparation significantly differ with time. Pickle in vinegar or in mayonnaise, in wine, in beer, in kefir, in sour cream or just roll in spices. However most often use acetic and mayonnaise marinade.

It is required to you

  • 2 kg of pork
    • it is better to take a neck,
    • 4 average bulbs,
    • red sprinkling pepper and black,
    • bay leaf of 6-8 pieces,
    • table vinegar 3% 1.5 l (recipe No. 1),
    • mayonnaise 500 g (recipe No. 2).


1. Recipe No. 1: Marinade: 1. Take a pork steak, cut large pieces of 5х5 cm 2. Cut onions with rings 0.5 cm thick it is possible slightly for thickness.3. On a bottom of the deep enameled pan put pork steaks, salt and pepper black and paprika. 4. From above put onions and it is very accurate not to tear an onions ring, mix your future shish kebab.5. Add bay leaf and if you want, peppercorn. 6. Fill in with vinegar so that meat completely disappeared. 7. Put a baking plate a press for 5 hours, ideally put to be pickled for the night.

2. Fire or brazier: 1. Wait until firewood completely burns through and will turn into coals, on naked flame the shish kebab can't be fried. 2. Get the kept waiting pieces without onions, (it can burn down) along meat fibers, closely to each other. 3. Don't throw out marinade! It is useful to you to sprinkle a shish kebab.4. Turn skewers not more often 3-4 times for all cooking, you risk to overdry it. 5. You can check readiness of a shish kebab, having made a cut, meat has to be juicy and without blood. If juice is pinkish color, the shish kebab means it isn't quite ready, put back on coals and wait a little.

3. Recipe No. 2: Marinade: 1. Put large steaks in a container with kryshkoy2. Cut onions rings thickness near santimetra3. Season with salt and pepper (sometimes use ready mixes of spices for a shish kebab).4. Fill in with mayonnaise and carefully mix everything. 5. Put in the fridge for day.

4. Cooking: 1. It is fried a shish kebab on coals just as in the first case.2. Happens so that were going to go on the nature, but weather prevented. Be not upset, your meat won't be gone. Just roast your shish kebab of the house in an oven. For this purpose string steaks alternately on wooden sticks or if is, special skewers for an oven.3. Put for 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 230-240 °C.

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