How to fry potato with a crust: we open a ""grandmother's"" secret

How to fry potato with a crust: we open a ""grandmother's"" secret

Fried potato moreover with a ruddy golden crust, - a favourite dish at many Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. It directly from a frying pan given with salty fat, a cucumber pickles and a piece of black bread under vodka is especially tasty. Here it is only correct to fry potato not all are able, at some hostesses semi-puree or unclear weight with brown slightly burned pieces turns out. In many families the secret of frying is known only to grandmothers, the youth only eats and extols, asking additives in a plate.

Those who remembers grandmother's or mother's fried potato in a huge pig-iron frying pan can only be surprised why such tasty it is impossible to them. It seems and modern teflon is, and grades of potatoes it is easy to buy the most friable, not starchy, and the purified oil at choice is on sale everywhere. However such fragrant and appetizing dish, alas, is impossible in any way though close a cover though isn't present. To such persons, not persons interested to study cooking, it is possible to give only one advice: take potatoes, a frying pan and to put their grandmother at a plate.

The same who wants to learn to fry the real potato with a crisp crust need the simple recommendation. That simple, but such favourite dish turned out special, is unreal tasty, with pieces, soft inside, but zazharisty outside, it isn't necessary to choose special grades, to try to discover in a bag yellow or only white tubers. The taste doesn't depend on it, as well as hardness/softness of potato slices in a frying pan. A secret is in the preparation.

Everything that needs to be made is to fill in the peeled and washed up potatoes in a pan with ice water from under the crane, to leave for about 15 minutes. And it is possible to leave tubers intact or at once to cut bars, straws. Then contents of a pan should be cast away on a colander, to allow water to flow down. Also it is recommended to dry slices on a towel, it to allow to remove the excess starch turning pieces into pyureobrazny weight.

This idle time in fact a secret to allow to receive as a result a ruddy crust on fried potato in a frying pan even if before nothing was impossible. To fans to add small cut onions to a dish it is necessary to fill up it right at the end when slices are almost ready. It is necessary to salt already in the middle of frying process too, but not right at the beginning.

That straw potatoes or bars were more crunchy, fried, it isn't necessary to cover a frying pan. Instead of vegetable oil for which anyway you shouldn't feel sorry it is better to take pieces of salted pork fat, fat, so the taste will turn out even more astounding. And one more addition - you shouldn't mix slices during frying often, there is enough 2-3 times, otherwise pyureobrazny weight besides will turn out.

Following these hints, it is simple even at experience for half an hour to fry very tasty, crunchy, fragrantly smelling potato. It will turn out not worse, than in the childhood at the grandmother in the village, especially if to add a dish with pickles, sauerkraut or other preparations from an underground.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team