How to fry potato with a ruddy crust in a frying pan

How to fry potato with a ruddy crust in a frying pan

Potatoes are loved by many in spite of the fact that according to some it not absolutely useful dish. The potato made in a frying pan is especially tasty. In warm season it is good with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes salad, and in cold - with a pickles. But how to fry potato so that it turned out with a ruddy crisp crust outside and gentle pulp inside? For this purpose it is necessary to consider several highlights.

It is required to you

  • - Potato;
  • - Vegetable oil for frying:
  • - Salt;
  • - Frying pan with a thick bottom and walls.


1. We will begin with the fact that we peel potato and we rinse, having washed all pollution. After that we cut it with straws about 1 cm wide. The first main nuance: the cut potato needs to be soaked in ice cold water. It is necessary to get rid of starch which doesn't allow potatoes to be reddened fully. Therefore we leave straws for 30-60 minutes in a bowl with water. And than new potato, more time is required to it that.

2. When potatoes are rather soaked, it needs to be dried properly. For this purpose it is possible to spread out it on a kitchen towel and to wipe. Or that it is more convenient and more preferable, we shift it in a colander, we allow to flow down and we dry by means of paper towels. If potato is damp, in the course of frying liquid will begin to evaporate. At the same time potatoes can begin to be stewed, but not to become covered by an appetizing crust.

3. The pig-iron frying pan or that which has a thick bottom and walls best of all will be suitable for qualitatively fried potato. Before preparation the frying pan needs to be heated well. After that to pour in it in vegetable oil. It has to be enough - so that it enveloped each of straws. Before putting potatoes in a frying pan, oil needs to be warmed up well.

4. Now it is possible to stack potato on a frying pan. It shouldn't be too much. The full frying pan with the hill not to be fried thoroughly in the necessary measure and won't have a necessary appearance and taste. Therefore we put so much potatoes that there were no more than 3 layers.

5. We overturn potatoes only when the bottom layer well is roasted. It isn't required to stir constantly potato. After it is ready, we shift it to a dish and we give to a table.

6. And two more nuances which need to be meant: - it is necessary to salt potato only when it is already fried and shifted from a frying pan to a dish, salt promotes release of liquid; - it is necessary to fry potato without cover and at high temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team