How to fry shrimps

How to fry shrimps

Irrespective of sanctions in our shops it is still possible to buy seafood on different taste and a purse. From the frozen seafood cocktail to smart live crabs weighing 5-6 kg. Somewhere between them both at the price, and on the status shrimps settle down. Of course, cold water it is necessary to look, but warm-water meet in ten options. First of all, shrimps are fresh-frozen or varenomorozheny, from it, as well as at all Crustacea, their color depends. The first – grayish, the second – pinkish, it is difficult to confuse them. In these groups of a shrimp are divided by cutting: in an armor with the head, in a brainless armor, cleaned with a tail and completely cleaned. The last gradation – by the size. The smallest are designated by the term "salad" or "cocktail", other are marked by figures from 120/140 to 6/8. These figures designate how many pieces on average are the share of weight pound.

It is required to you

  • - Shrimps;
  • - creamy or olive oil;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - white wine;
  • - salt;
  • - spices;
  • - onions shallot;
  • - garlic;
  • - bowls;
  • - knife;
  • - frying pan.


1. Choose tiger or royal shrimps if you want to serve them as an independent dish, you Shouldn't buy rather inexpensive shrimps vannamy are the artificially grown up Chinese Crustacea who are on sale by weight. They hammered almost all hypermarkets. Such shrimps of a vsesezonna that makes them popular with professionals of retail. One trouble – add not the most useful substances to their forage therefore it is better not to take these products after all. Stop the choice on the cleaned shrimps or shrimps in the shell – there is no special difference, and here between gray and as pink it is better to choose the first. They before freezing weren't exposed to heat treatment and fried will be more tasty.

2. Pick up the corresponding ware. Traditionally thick-walled pig-iron frying pans are preferable to frying, but if in your kitchen arsenal such isn't present – will approach ceramic or a frying pan from stainless steel. Calcinate it and pour a little oil – shrimps better to fry on olive. It is possible to season them with a small amount of a thyme, but it is better not to hammer natural taste, and to emphasize kristallikam of sea salt in which company the shrimps really reveal more stoutly.

3. Fry gray shrimps 3-4 minutes, often stirring slowly for uniform preparation. You will be able visually to estimate readiness – all Crustacea on fire change the color, turning into pinkish-orange. For varenomorozheny shrimps the couple of minutes suffices. Try not to overdo, at increase in preparation time seafood becomes slightly ""rubber"". Now it is a high time to season with salt and a tax to a table. Sometimes they are given to beer, sometimes – to wine. Good maintenance to shrimps – the vegetables made in parchment: zucchini, asparagus, fennel, sweet paprika.

4. If you want to prepare shrimps in creamy sauce, it is necessary to begin a preparatory stage with roasting of onions of shallot. It is desirable to potomit a little it under a cover, then there to put the cleaned shrimps, and in a minute – to pour in cream, to salt and pepper a white pepper. That shrimps evenly got warm, and sauce thickened a little, a dish during short cooking it is necessary to stir slowly constantly. It is possible to give with rice, and it is possible – directly in a frying pan with shrimps to lower paste fresco (freshly cooked tagliatelle or to the parpardella), to take everything together on fire 2-3 minutes and a tax to a table accompanied by white semi-dry wine.

5. Buy tiger shrimps and the quality frozen cepes – we will do the dish loved by millions in which these two products – a royal couple, and vegetable maintenance – gastronomic suite. To start a shrimp to a pripustita in the water which is added some salt and acidified by couple of drops of lemon juice. Then cool and clean. It is desirable to leave at the same time tails – so shrimps look even better. Fry couple of garlic gloves and a few grains of a coriander on purified olive oil. Add cepes that they lay in a frying pan in one layer and didn't adjoin with each other. Some time will seem that mushrooms are extinguished, but aren't fried. Don't diminish fire, liquid will quickly be evaporated. Put small squares of a paprika, small cubes of carrots, a half of previously blanched Brussels sprout to mushrooms. Salt and pepper. If desired you can strew with a dried thyme or an oregano, but it is possible it and not to do. Cepes have the very pleasant aroma and it for certain was already transferred to vegetables. In 2-3 minutes until ready put on a frying pan the prepared shrimps. Cover and give to tastes to enter interaction (in language of professional cooks this moment is called "marry"). Undoubtedly, the dish will be pleasant to you so that it will want to repeat soon.

6. Fry the cleaned shrimps with sprouts of a bamboo as it is liked to be done in China. It is it is unlikely reasonable to argue that Southeast Asia is the main area of distribution and royal, and tiger shrimps, and therefore exactly here consider this seafood traditionally. There are dozens of recipes with them, but in such option of a shrimp it is possible to meet also in woks of street sellers, and at expensive luxurious restaurants. In our country the bamboo is on sale tinned, it has quite crunchy texture and not a strongly brisk taste, and therefore easily incorporates aromas of spices and spices with which prepares.

7. Chop ginger slices, fry on a soyaoil till light brown color then take, it isn't required to us any more. Sprouts of a bamboo can be sold by the whole pieces cut in half or chopped. Merge them from marinade and depending on what at you, either chop, or leave as is, get wet with a napkin, exempting from excess moisture, place on a frying pan. Fry a bamboo no more than 3-4 minutes, then add a shrimp, pour in a soy-bean sauce, season with ginger paste and in a couple of minutes give. You can offer as a garnish rice, but in general this independent dish which is accompanied not in great need.

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