How to fry shrimps

How to fry shrimps

Shrimps not for nothing are considered as a delicious dish. It isn't necessary to potter with them long, they are tasty and can serve both as snack, and a main course. For giving on a holiday table of a shrimp it is enough to fry one of the simplest ways.


Heat a frying pan, pour in it olive oil, lower in it couple of crushed segments of garlic and fry it.

Meanwhile mix in a separate bowl chopped greens, garlic, couple of spoons of olive oil, juice of one lemon, salt, pepper.

By this time garlic in a frying pan will begin to be roasted, giving to oil the aroma. As soon as it becomes golden, remove garlic from oil and lay out shrimps in a frying pan. If to fry them in several calling - so they will more evenly be fried thoroughly. One portion has to cover a frying pan bottom only. When in a minute the roasted party turns pink, turn shrimps on other party and distribute on them lemon and garlic filling.

Wait a minute more, mix weight in a frying pan once again and finish shrimps until ready. For this purpose you need 2 more minutes a maximum. As soon as all shrimps become pink, fire a baking plate a frying pan should be switched off. Further heating will turn shrimp meat into rigid rubber. There are shrimps it is possible as in cold, and hot. In a similar way it is possible to roast shrimps in an oven or on a grill.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team