How to fry shrimps on a lattice

How to fry shrimps on a lattice

Along with hamburgers, steaks and vegetables of a shrimp are the most popular choice for preparation on a lattice. But unlike all above-mentioned products, they prepare quickly, without forcing to pine for expectation.

If you bought shrimps in a cover, then before preparation on a grill they need to be cleaned. Take a body of a shrimp in one hand and turn off it the head, then pull for a cover. As soon as you remove an armor, check whether there is a black line passing along a back side of a crustacean. It is digestive tract if it dark - it is full. In principle it is edible, but the dish looks more esthetic without it, and it can be slightly firmer, than all other meat. It is simple to remove it - by means of a small sharp knife, make a superficial section along the black line, and then pick up a path the help of a tip of a knife and extend this vein.

Make marinade. For example, clean and crush a small piece of a ginger root. At chili pepper cut off a fruit stem and take out seeds cut its circles. Miss 1 garlic glove through a chesnokodavka. Add a little fresh juice of a lime and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Put shrimps in a bowl, fill in with marinade, cover or food wrap and pickle 10-15 minutes. It is even simpler to pickle Crustacea if to pack them together with marinade in a dense zip package and several times to stir up that all shrimps were covered with mix.

Previously wet bamboo skewers on which shrimps will be fried for 10-15 minutes in cold water. Holding a crustacean in the form of letter S, string a shrimp on a skewer, piercing everyone in two places. Continue, don't string everything yet. Warm a grill. Oil a lattice vegetable. Put a shrimp shish kebab. Fry 1-2 minutes if they averages and 3-4 if royal. Turn grease with marinade by means of a special silicone brush and fry 30 more seconds or 1-2 minutes. Ready shrimps pink, opaque and are almost twice less than the initial size. Buying by a shrimp for frying on a lattice, count so that not less than 150 grams of seafood were the share of one person.

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