How to fry squash: 3 best recipes

How to fry squash: 3 best recipes

Fried squash are, perhaps, the simplest, but very tasty dish which can be prepared from this useful vegetable. Everything that is necessary for its preparation - it is to cut a squash circles, to roll in breaded and to fry on vegetable oil.

Young squash are the real a well useful and nutritive matters, their structure besides proteins and carbohydrates includes group B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, ascorbic acid, pectin, calcium, potassium salts, iron and magnesium. Besides, the caloric content of a squash is so small that it can be used in unlimited number throughout all summer season. The young immature fruits about 20 cm in size used in food together with a peel are especially useful.

For summer recipes it is better to choose young fruits, before frying they don't even need to be cleaned, unlike overripe vegetables which possess a rough peel and big sunflower seeds. It is possible to fry squash breaded of flour, crackers, ground cracker, the test, a grated cheese, etc. The main secret of a tasty dish is that squash need to be fried so that they remained slightly dampish. Otherwise vegetables will turn out similar to porridge and can burn. After frying the squash should be covered with a foil to finish them until ready.

The ready-to-eat meal is eaten as we heat, and cold, even cooled down it doesn't lose the gustatory qualities. Fried squash aren't stored therefore it is necessary to prepare that quantity which you will be able to eat for once. This seasonal dish can be served to a table as independent snack with sour cream or in the form of a garnish for meat.

The squash fried in batter

We cut a squash of the average sizes circles about 0.5 cm wide. Further we start preparation of batter. For this purpose we shake up egg with paprika, black pepper, I will merge also the crushed garlic glove. We add 4 tablespoons of a sifted flour and 100 ml of sparkling water to a frothed eggs. We alter all ingredients among themselves until mass doesn't become homogeneous. Ready dough on the consistence has to remind liquid sour cream. We dip the squash cut by circles in the made batter and we fry on olive or sunflower oil from two parties. We dip fried squash a paper towel to remove the flowing-down fat drops. The ready-to-eat meal if desired can be decorated with the crushed greens.

Fried squash in crackers

One average squash is cut by circles, we salt, we pepper, we roll in flour on both sides and we dip into a frothed eggs. Further we powder squash with bread crumbs. We warm a frying pan and we fry in it the prepared vegetables to a subtle golden shade. Further we lead up a dish until ready, having placed it for 5 minutes in the oven warmed up to 180 degrees. If desired instead of crackers for squash it is possible to prepare a spicy breading from a dried basil, nutmeg, pepper and corn flour. Also the breading can be made of ground cracker.

Fried squash with garlic

The young squash is cut by circles. In deep capacity we mix 50 g of flour, salt and a black sprinkling pepper. Well we roll the cut vegetables in flour and we send to the warmed frying pan, previously having watered with its sunflower oil. As the squash quickly enough absorbs in itself oil, it is necessary to watch constantly that its quantity was sufficient, otherwise vegetables will burn. When squash are reddened, they can be overturned. We grease the fried squash with the garlic (2-3 cloves) crushed under a press and a small amount of sour cream or mayonnaise. To a table the dish is served hot or cold, everything depends only on your flavoring preferences. Fried squash with garlic gas station can be used not only as independent snack, but also in the form of a garnish to chicken or fish dishes. 

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