How to fry sunflower seeds in the microwave

How to fry sunflower seeds in the microwave

The microwave oven is widely used for preparation and a warming up of the most various dishes. By means of the microwave it is possible even to fry sunflower seeds, favourite delicacy of many Russians.

In the microwave oven it is possible to prepare usual fried sunflower seeds and salty. However, judges of delicacy claim that their taste differs from habitual a little. But at respect for all nuances the sunflower seeds won't burn and will prepare very quickly.

How to fry sunflower seeds in the microwave

First of all, it is necessary to touch and wash out sunflower seeds in flowing water and also to dry carefully by means of tissues. Then they are poured on a suitable dish. It is necessary to track that sunflower seeds were located evenly. If to place them the hill or to scatter one by one, sunflower seeds can either not be fried thoroughly, or burn down. Ideal ware for frying of sunflower seeds the glass dish with high sides is considered.

Preparation time depends on type of the microwave oven. Therefore it is better to prepare fried sunflower seeds step by step. Having put a dish in the furnace, include the maximum mode of heating for 1 minute. After that the plate is got from the microwave, mix sunflower seeds and allow them to cool down slightly. The procedure is repeated until sunflower seeds aren't fried thoroughly adequately. Thus, it is possible to define optimum time of frying. If for receiving tasty fragrant sunflower seeds it was required to turn on the furnace for 1 minute 4 times, at the following preparation it is possible to put the timer for 3 minutes at once. Further to get sunflower seeds from the furnace, to mix and put for 1 minute.

How to fry salty sunflower seeds in the microwave

As well as in the previous recipe, sunflower seeds at first are required to be washed out and cleaned from the coming across garbage. Having dried sunflower seeds, they are shifted in a glass dish with high sides, watered with a small amount of vegetable oil and mixed. Then sunflower seeds salt a fine crushing and again mix. Thanks to vegetable oil on a surface of fruits of sunflower the thin film is formed. It strong connects a peel of sunflower seeds with small grains of salt. The timer of the microwave is installed for 1 minute and fry sunflower seeds at average heating. Having got a dish from the furnace, sunflower seeds mix and taste. If they were insufficiently fried thoroughly, repeat the procedure. By the way, experts on preparation of sunflower seeds in the microwave oven claim that the taste of a ready-made product will become much better if not to hurry to take out a dish from the oven microwave oven after the end of frying. It is enough to take sunflower seeds in the closed and switched off furnace of 15 more minutes.

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