How to fry the frozen chebureks

How to fry the frozen chebureks

Chebureks – a tasty and rich dish which is cooked very quickly. Many producers realize the frozen chebureks, saving buyers from need to knead dough and to overwind meat for forcemeat. At the same time there is no special complexity with how to fry the frozen chebureks.

It is required to you

  • Frying pan;
    • vegetable oil.


1. Take a frying pan and pour in it some vegetable oil. It is possible to use any, but it is desirable that it was refined. Not purified oil when frying extends a specific smell on all room and gives to a product special aroma of sunflower seeds. The amount of oil depends on the frying pan size, but it is necessary to be guided by that in height it rose by 2-3 cm. In this case chebureks will be completely covered with fat from a bottom side and will begin to be fried thoroughly evenly in hot fan.

2. Before cooking the frozen chebureks, warm oil on big fire. If to put chebureks in a cold frying pan, then the crisp at them won't turn out. That it was enough heated, the small bubbles appearing on a surface will demonstrate.

3. Accurately lay out chebureks on a frying pan not to burn splashes of hot oil. Previously it isn't necessary to defreeze dough products with a stuffing, otherwise they will get out of a shape.

4. Fry the frozen chebureks on the one hand before emergence of an equal golden crust on average fire. Up to this point you shouldn't overturn them, otherwise it is possible to damage dough. It is important to observe temperature condition: if fire is too big, then an external part can burn, and the stuffing won't manage to be fried thoroughly. Then turn chebureks on other party and wait for emergence of a crust on this part. On frying each party is left by 3-5 minutes. The frying pan isn't covered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team