How to gain muscle bulk

How to gain muscle bulk

gain muscle bulk, it is insufficiently simple to train, it is necessary to eat also properly. Here the basic rules of food of bodybuilders (that is the people occupied with extension of muscles):

  • to eat often and it is a lot of,
  • to eat many proteins,
  • to try not to eat carbohydrates in the second half of day.

The main food for accumulation of muscle bulk are:


- porridges (buckwheat, rice, pasta), - whole-grain bread, - fruit (it is no more than 20-30% of day norm of carbohydrates), - vegetables.


- nuts, - meat (chicken or beef), - fish, - egg whites, - dairy products.

  1. FATS:

- nuts, - oils (olive, linen), - fish.

Some questions:

  1. Why pork is not specified? Because in pork as much proteins, as in beef, but are twice more than fats. 2. Why it is possible fish, and pork it is impossible? In fish there are nonsaturated fatty acids (good fats), and in pork – saturated fats (bad fats). 3. Why it is impossible to eat yolks? In one yolk there are 5 grams of fat. If to eat necessary amount of proteins in day (10 pieces), but together with yolks, you will grow fat. 4. Vegetables? How many to eat? To the top of the bent.

Now about that how many it is necessary to eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates in day. There is an approximate formula:

3 g of carbohydrates on 1 kg. your weight, 2 g of protein on 1 kg. your weight, 0.5 g of fats on 1 kg. your weight.

For example, you weigh 80 kg. Then you need to eat for day of 240 carbohydrates, 160 proteins and 40 fats. To calculate the caloric content and amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates you can at us on the website, in the section Services.

Within 40 minutes after the training the so-called proteinaceous and carbohydrate window opens. At this time it is necessary to eat proteins and fast carbohydrates.

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