How to grind cottage cheese

How to grind cottage cheese

Cottage cheese for pastries, preparations of desserts, mousses and creams it is necessary to fray if it is coarse-grained. Cottage cheese in any product has to be air mass, but not packed large lumps.

It is required to you

  • - cottage cheese;
  • - sieve;
  • - wooden spoon;
  • - grater;
  • - meat grinder;
  • - masher for puree with holes;
  • - blender.


1. For a start learn to choose good cottage cheese. The most useful is low-fat cottage cheese and prepared in the crude way, that is fermentation of milk or addition of ferment in it. In cookery fat cottage cheese is most often used. Good cottage cheese has to be fresh, not have foreign smells, except sour milk, have white color with a subtle cream shade. Grain at good cottage cheese an average, and it on structure forms layers.

2. For repulping of cottage cheese it is possible to use in several ways. For receiving from cottage cheese of homogeneous mass the first and most "ancient" way – repulping through a sieve. From cottage cheese excess liquid – serum is wrung out (hands or under a press). Then the usual sieve or a colander of the average sizes with very small metal gauze undertakes. A big spoon, it is better wooden, cottage cheese is imposed in the small portions in a sieve and the baking plate pressing of a spoon frays. The ground cottage cheese becomes air, has no lumps, granularity. For achievement of necessary small structure of rather single repulping.

3. If in economy there is no sieve, it is possible to use the meat grinder. Before it it is important to remove excess liquid from cottage cheese too. And the meat grinder it is necessary to wash up and wipe carefully all parts dry that there were no foreign smells (cottage cheese quickly absorbs smells). In the meat grinder cottage cheese is imposed and ground as forcemeat. A nozzle it is better to choose the smallest. If necessary it is possible to scroll cottage cheese twice.

4. It is possible to make cottage cheese less granular and more homogeneous by means of a masher for puree with holes. This way not so labor-consuming, than repulping through a sieve, but not so good result. After a sieve, cottage cheese turns out more homogeneous, and after a masher a part of grains in cottage cheese remains.

5. As a last resort, it is possible to use a grater. Not the smallest, for hash browns, and not large beet, and average. It is necessary to fray cottage cheese on a grater hands. Gather a cottage cheese handful in a hand, squeeze in a dense lump and drive on a grater up-down, pushing curds until it passes inside. Perhaps, it is required to do this operation twice.

6. The most convenient and easy way of repulping of cottage cheese today – the blender. Curds in the blender turn out isn't worse at all, than ground through a sieve, and process happens much easier and quicker. For the blender excess water from cottage cheese doesn't need to be wrung out, otherwise the blender won't pull dry weight.

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