How to grow up houses greens and spicy herbs?

How to grow up houses greens and spicy herbs?

What to do when the summer season terminated, and there is still a wish to indulge himself home-made greens and fragrant herbal tea? The mini-garden on a windowsill will come to the rescue. In it it is possible to grow up a garden cress, onions, fennel, parsley, a basil, garlic and also spicery and fragrant herbs, such as mint, rosemary, a chaber, a sage and so forth.

Landing material can be bought in the market or in shop, or in advance since fall to prepare root crops on the seasonal dacha (it is possible to store them in the dark cool place powdered with the earth). At home it is possible plant all fall, winter and spring spicy herbs and greens on a windowsill, namely: during the period since the end of October prior to the beginning of April.

What for this purpose will be required:

1) small, but deep pots or several boxes. (Pots look cozier and more esthetic, in them yours огородик will please not only your flavoring receptors, but also an eye); 2) soil for home-made vegetables, or a hydrogel (only dry); 3) wide windowsill with sufficient natural lighting;

4) seeds or root crops.5) drainage: polyfoam pieces, expanded clay, brick crumb

Useful tips: When landing a root crop it isn't necessary to dig in it to the earth completely, the top has to be outside. In one goroshochek it is necessary to land no more than two, three root crops. It is enough water your mini-kitchen garden once a week. If sunlight gets on your mini-garden on a windowsill less than 5 hours a day, then it is dpolnitelno necessary to highlight it it fluorescent lamps. It is important to watch humidity indoors. It shouldn't be less than 50%.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team