How to grow up walnut from nut

How to grow up walnut from nut

Scientists advise there are walnuts every day: in them there are a lot of antioxidants protecting a human body from diseases. But such health giving qualities only crude, but not fried nuts have. From fresh walnuts it is possible to grow up the fructifying plant. The simplest option is to buy nuts of a new harvest and to plant them in the fall.


1. On a personal plot a shovel to dig over that place where you plan to plant nuts. Make a horizontal strip of 10 cm in depth. Lay out in it landing material. But so that nuts lay an edge. From above to cover a pole with earth.

2. If in your area a lot of snow drops out in the winter, the planted nuts don't need to be watered. If winters at you usually low-snow, cover from above the earth with a 20-centimeter layer of the fallen-down foliage and dry branches.

3. In such look nuts have to winter. There have to be shoots in the spring. If spring - early and not rainy, begin to water future plants as soon as possible.

4. During the summer of a plant it is regularly necessary to water, loosen near them the earth, to weed weeds, to fertilize (best of all ashes).

5. Late fall cover an annual plant of walnut with a layer of a dry grass and foliage again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team