How to improve taste

How to improve taste

On Monday for sausage breakfast. On Tuesday sausages. On Wednesday sausages. If by Thursday sausages not night to cause in you disgust, then you are a strong person. To improve taste of a daily dish, it is possible to change, for example, sauces. Or to add chopped greens. Ways weight!

It is required to you

  • love for experiments


1. If you often cook the same set of dishes, then over time they steadily become boring, and you begin to think of how it is possible to improve their taste. For this purpose to you in the help the whole arsenal of various seasonings, spices, herbs. The choice is so big, and all of them differ on gustatory qualities and aroma that you will be able long to change taste of habitual dishes, having never repeated. Such simple seasoning as a black pepper, is capable to change taste of daily fried eggs to unrecognizability. Pound several peas of pepper in a mortar and strew eggs when you only poured out them on a frying pan. The piquancy of a new dish by all means will be pleasant to you.

2. It is possible to improve taste of pastries if to add to it vanillin, cinnamon or cardamom. Any pastries will play new notes at acquaintance to cinnamon to apple filling. And if to mix cinnamon with large cane sugar and to strew, say, pie, then you not only improve its taste, but also you will give it extraordinary attractive look. Ginger will help to improve taste of tea, fancy bread and also marinade for meat or a game. Add a soy-bean sauce, the Chile sauce to polished ginger and it is a little honey, and you receive marinade in east style. The taste even of the most simple dish will be improved, it will be pleasant to you.

3. The curry, a turmeric, a saffron and paprika will help to improve taste of soups, meat, potatoes and even butter. If to add a string of a saffron to vinegar, to allow it to stand a little, then you not just improve taste of vinegar, but turn it into a component of the finest sauce. But not only spices and seasonings can improve taste of a dish. For example, if to grease a duck with the fat melted from her and to strew with coarse salt, and then to wear out her on strong fire, then you receive an appetizing golden crust which, undoubtedly to improve taste of a bird. It is better to freeze some dishes for improvement of taste, some – opposite, to warm up a little. Greens change taste of a dish too, improving it and transforming beyond recognition. Try, look for, experiment, and you improve taste of habitual dishes.

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