How to issue the kids menu

How to issue the kids menu

Execution of the kids menu can be the most various, but if this menu for children, then it is necessary to make out it by all means in bright colors, it is interesting and unusual that it could interest the child at first sight.


1. Color scale at execution of the kids menu plays a large role because children it is more interested examine bright objects. Also, a fact of common knowledge is that orange color increases appetite, and pink mood. Therefore when choosing color scale for execution of the kids menu it is better to choose bright colors of warm, solar shades. However you shouldn't choose too bright "poisonous" colors because they will lead to fast exhaustion and the child won't be able long to consider the menu. In addition it is possible to choose colors which are called tasty and at the subconscious level chocolate or caramel colors are associated with tasty products, for example.

2. The big role for children will also be had by names of the dishes presented in the menu. So, for example, the usual and boring name "vegetable salad" can be turned into interesting to children. If to call the same salad "summer clearing", then chances to draw children's attention to this dish and the menu in general to become more. It is also possible to place opposite to the name of dishes small pictures with the image of their unusual laying.

3. It is well-known that many children are emotionally very attached to heroes of animated films. For example, if to offer the child at choice usual candy and same only in a wrapper with the image of the favourite hero from a cartoon, then he will surely choose the second. Therefore at execution of the kids menu it is expedient to use pictures with heroes from popular animated films which can be entered in the general style of the menu organically.

4. So, making out the kids menu it is obligatory to use bright or tasty colors initially to draw to it attention of children. In order that the child wanted to make out the menu it is possible to use various pictures, it is better if it are his favourite heroes of animated films. And that children wanted to try some dishes from this menu better to think up new interesting names for these dishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team