How to keep a dairy mushroom

How to keep a dairy mushroom

The dairy mushroom represents small granules (5 - 6 mm in the diameter in an initial stage of development) white color and is a product of interaction of barmy fungi and lactic sticks. The drink developed by it possesses the unique chemical composition which substantially surpasses properties of usual kefir and at regular application is capable to cure (and to prevent) many diseases.


1. The drink received by means of a dairy fungus has unique properties. It restores intestinal microflora, suppresses a putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria, promotes removal of heavy metals, makes active the immune system, smoothes allergic reactions, etc. Process of receiving curative kefir isn't difficult though the mushroom requires constant attention and leaving. Once a day the dairy fungus is filled in with milk. In 17 – 20 hours, ready kefir merges, the fungus is washed out and again is filled in with milk.

2. However for a long time to keep a dairy mushroom in biologically active state, i.e. healthy and capable to develop valuable drink, observance of some rules of leaving is required. Don't close a cover to bank with a dairy mushroom. The mushroom is a living organism and it needs oxygen, otherwise he will die.

3. Fill in a mushroom with milk of room temperature. Boil "Live milk" before use and cool.

4. For the maintenance of a dairy mushroom use glass jars. It is possible to wash them only with soda.

5. You don't hold capacity with a mushroom on light. Find for it dark, but rather warm place. At a temperature below 17 degrees the mold can appear.

6. Always in time merge the received kefir and wash a dairy mushroom with water of room temperature, otherwise he can die. If you need to leave for 2 – 3 days, place a mushroom in a 3-liter can, fill in with milk half with water, put to the warm place. The turned-out drink is suitable for external application.

7. Don't use metal objects in the course of care for a fungus, he can get sick.

8. Periodically select large grains as they empty inside also are absolutely useless.

9. If your dairy fungus ached (slime or an unpleasant sour odor appeared, the taste of drink changed), you, nevertheless, can try to keep it. Wash out a fungus in 5 percentage solution of salicylic or boric acid, and then dry. Select sick grains.

10. If you want to take a long break, but at the same time to keep a dairy fungus, then you should look after him, as before, otherwise he will die. However, there are data which are (not checked) that for long-term storage the dairy mushroom can be frozen. After defrosting it within several days begins to function normally. It is necessary to emphasize, however, once again that 'it not checked data.

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