How to keep a smoked fish

How to keep a smoked fish

The smoked fish is highly nutritious product which has high flavoring advantages. But one of the main shortcomings of a smoked fish is the limited period of storage which isn't exceeding three days. For increase in a period of storage the smoked fish is frozen before secondary processing.


1. If you got a smoked fish unpacked, then pack her so, having isolated from air. Because unpacked fish will quickly deteriorate unlike sealed which can be stored in the fridge two or three months, depending on a type of smoking.

2. The sealed smoked fish can't be overheated. Storage temperature of smoked products shouldn't go beyond the range of 0-3 °C. The smoked fish stored with observance of temperature condition by sight is happy dense, her pieces are surrounded with densely pressed film, but not freely float in own juice. If the smoked fish was frozen, then in unopened vacuum packing juice is formed, and color of a smoked fish becomes faded. If the smoked fish lies down in heat or just in the sun, then to her there will be the same, as when freezing.

3. Seeking to increase periods of storage, don't apply deep freezing to a hot-smoked fish. It will worsen gustatory qualities and will change aroma peculiar to smoking.

4. Before purchase of the smoked fish sealed in the vacuum way attentively consider packing and appearance of a product.

5. You don't store the unpacked smoked fish in the fridge it is more than two days because she will quickly lose ability long to remain.

6. The fresh fish prepared independently by one of two ways - cold or hot smoking, is stored by no more than four days without cold or in the cool place, according to the temperature condition suitable for this way: for hot smoking two months, for cold - is no more than three months.

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