How to keep parsley

How to keep parsley

Parsley is known for the useful properties and unusual spiciness. Generally these greens are used as ornament and seasoning to various dishes. Even at heat treatment parsley doesn't lose the properties. Prepare these useful greens for all winter, there are several ways of its storage.

It is required to you

  • - parsley;
  • - salt;
  • - banks;
  • - plastic bags for freezing.


1. Touch parsley, remove garbage and the darkened leaflets (if those are available). Carefully wash up greens under a stream of flowing water. Lay out parsley on paper or towels made of cloth and let's it dry out completely. Then randomly cut greens. You will need coarse salt and clean banks. Begin to stack the cut greens layers in banks. Each layer season with salt and properly stamp by means of a masher or a rolling pin. It was necessary only to close densely banks polyethylene covers and to remove in the fridge. Such way will help you to keep parsley greens for all winter. Remember that greens very salty therefore it is necessary to add it accurately to soups and other dishes (perhaps, there will be enough seasoning).

2. To keep parsley and all its useful properties, it is possible to dry up greens. Touch parsley and you will throw out the turned yellow and rough leaves, wash up greens under cool flowing water. Then distribute all parsley on average bunches and connect, hang out in well aired and dark room. You don't dry greens at all in the sun as parsley will crumble then and will become unattractive color. The greens which are dried up by rules slightly are scattered at compression. Dry parsley can be crushed or ground in powder and to store in strong closed banks which are doing not pass light. Greens won't lose the color and aroma.

3. Frozen greens of parsley have no expiration date that can't be told about other fruits of a kitchen garden. Besides, the frozen greens keep all fragrant and nutritive properties. Such storage technique will allow you to stock up with fragrant greens before emergence of a new harvest. First of all, greens need to be washed up in a large amount of cold water and to dry properly. Spread out to a cockerel on small bags and place in the freezer (it is possible to cut previously it). It isn't necessary to stamp densely greens in sacks. Avoid repeated freezing.

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