How to keep result after a diet

How to keep result after a diet

In work on ourselves we often face that it isn't so difficult to achieve result as to keep it. And the problem consists in this situation rather in psychology, than in physiology. We will try to penetrate into a key part of the problem and not to make mistakes in the undertakings.

1. Sort out a key part of the problem. Did you already have cases when weight returned after a diet? Why it occurred? Most likely, the answer is uniform – you came back to food, habitual for you, without having coordinated it at all with your organism which, by the way, was already quite adjusted on consumption only of boiled meat with vegetables. And here, you "enrich" it with harmful fats and plain carbohydrates again. It is quite natural that "unprecedented generosity" the organism will quickly turn this into "spare wheel" on your sides. Other option wasn't and won't be, except for the cases connected with diseases.

2.    Put a framework. Estimate sensibly in what framework of food restrictions you can constantly exist. The word is "constant" key here. The you want to achieve big results, the this framework will be more rigid. It should be understood very accurately. The diet is sharp and significant restrictions of an organism in which it begins to use "the laid-up reserves", i.e. fat cellulose. Upon completion of a diet she will come back, but in what volumes – depends on your diet and activity.

3.    Convenient format. When forming the diet after a diet analyze the state during a diet. What did you want most of all? From what how earlier it seemed to you, strong habits, could you refuse during a diet most simply? If you realized that, for example, carbonated drinks and sweet juice not the most important in your life, and you can quite do without them – after a diet you shouldn't come back to them in general. Similar restrictions should be introduced on a constant basis, it will be one of your main steps on the way to success.

4.    Analogs and substitutes. Certainly, all of you will equally return to favourite products. However, it is necessary to try to return to them in limited quantities. Try to make return to favourite products by the most useful on how many it is possible. For example, taste bitter chocolate, instead of dairy, sweeteners and honey instead of sugar, add more cellulose, than torments to pastries and it is slightly less than sugar, than usually.

5. What came – that left. If all of you gorged on cakes in the first day after a diet – you shouldn't be upset at once. In this case the most important not to take seat for viewing series, and to be engaged in physical activity. Let the organism the received calories will shoot. Actually all secret is in spending so much how many it is consumed. Knowing this rule, it is necessary to combine meals with physical activity. So, for example, if active day with physical activity is necessary to you, morning or day cakes won't do serious harm to your figure.

Conform to the simple rules and you remember – the way to great begins with small steps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team