How to keep results after weight loss?

How to keep results after weight loss?

, only 5% of those who lost weight could keep results. Why does that happen? Return of former weight can be explained with the wrong perception a diet. The diet is not a running on a short distance. It is a way of life. It is impossible to sit couple of days on kefir, to lose weight and to relax. If not to change a way of life, weight will shortly return.

  1. Often fat in large volumes, than is returned before. The reason is not only in the bigger caloric content of a day diet, but also in the slowed-down metabolism – the metabolism is reoriented on energy accumulation. During a diet of people loses, first of all, muscle bulk. In muscles fat burns down.
  2. The second reason is intensive occupations in fitness club for a month. The person loses kilograms, but during this time his organism gets used to loading. Later it reduces loading, the power consumption is reduced, and it does not become difficult to gain excess weight.

Conclusion: if you want to lose weight and keep result – change a way of life. Kilograms have to leave gradually. It is necessary to watch the weight, food and physical activity all life.

  1. The menu of the person who keeps shape has to consist of a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner, the second breakfast and several having a snack. It is important to eat regularly, each 3 hours. A set of extra kilos provokes non-compliance with a diet. It belongs also to continuous chewing, and to rare, but too plentiful having a snack.
  2. Also the drinking mode is important here. Most of people do not distinguish hunger and thirst.
  3. At the menu there have to be all types of products: vegetables and fruit, grain, fats and proteins, dairy products. If the organism receives less vitamins or mineral substances, then sends signals to a brain and causes feeling of hunger, often false. Therefore important fully to eat not to overeat.
  4. It is possible to lose weight without sport, and to here support weight – no. Not to get fat, for day of people has to pass 10,000 steps. It is usual walking: before work, shop, etc. Residents of the large cities did not get used to go on foot therefore are most often subject to excess weight. Therefore it is recommended to make walks within one or one and a half hours. It is possible to make such walks and parts 30 minutes.
  5. Besides, twice a week it is necessary to be engaged in fitness. Any occupations will be suitable for these purposes: dances, dumbbells, yoga, rope jumping, skating, etc. The main thing that the physical activity brought you pleasure. If is not present – means it is necessary to look for other sports. Trainings which do not bring pleasure reduce motivation and mood.
  6. To keep results, it is regularly necessary to accustom itself to be weighed. Do it once a week, at the same time. If you see that weight increases, means it is time to take measures. Study the diet and refuse excesses which you afforded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team