How to learn to bake the Ossetian pies

How to learn to bake the Ossetian pies

Traditional Ossetian pies are popular with fans of unsweetened pastries. Thin round pies flat cakes can be cooked with the most various stuffings. Correctly to bake the Ossetian pie, it is necessary as it is possible to measure more precisely ingredients and to mix them in the correct sequence.

The following products belong to the main ingredients used at doughing for the well-known Ossetian pies: - kefir or amasi – 220 ml;

- water warm – 220 ml; - a fresh yeast – 30 g;

- sour cream – 2 tablespoons; - sugar – 1 tablespoon; - flour – 700 g; - salt – 1 tsp; - vegetable oil – 100 ml;

- a desi – to taste. If you want to use a yeast powder instead of fresh, it is recommended to take 10 g of yeast quick-rise yeast.

Stuffings for the Ossetian pies: wide choice

You can use any stuffing for preparation of similar pies. Cheese stuffings enjoy special popularity: a brine-ripened cheese (Adygei, syzhuchny, brynza or suluguni) are grated, refuel a desi and the parsley which is small cut by greens. Sometimes warm mashed potatoes are added to a grated cheese, then pie turns out more nourishing.

Meat and vegetable stuffings aren't less popular. Usually ground beef mixes up with small cut onions crushed by garlic, carefully mixes up and refuels salt and ground black pepper. To prepare a vegetable stuffing, it is possible to mix a grated cheese and the crushed fresh squash. Also often for a stuffing the stewed white cabbage mixes up with fried onions and is generously flavored with grated walnuts. Salt and pepper to taste. Fans of bean can mash boiled or tinned haricot in puree and mix it with fried onions, having added a droplet of cream.

How to make pies

At first it is necessary to part yeast and sugar in warm water. Leave mix to infuse about 10 min. Then it is necessary to add kefir or amasi, sour cream and sugar, carefully to mix everything. In a separate bowl it is necessary to pour out the flour which is previously sifted. In the middle to make a small pole and to pour out in it salt, from above to pour out mix of yeast and milk. Then it is necessary accurately, slowly to mix flour and liquid, carefully pounding lumps. As a result the soft, elastic dough has to turn out (can stick a little to hands). In a separate pan or a bowl to pour some vegetable oil and to place there dough. "Roll in" dough in oil and leave for about 50 minutes that dough rose. Then ready dough should be divided into pieces size approximately about a fist, each piece will be a basis of separate pie. Portions of the test should be rolled in slightly in flour. Then each piece needs to be kneaded hands in small flat cake. In the middle of flat cake the stuffing is located then edges of flat cake rise over a stuffing and "are gradually pinched". The small closed pie which needs to be turned a seam down turns out and to trample down a little to give the form of flat cake. Then to transfer pie by means of a rolling pin to a baking tray and to send to the oven which is previously warmed up to 220 wasps for 15-20 min. When pie is ready, the surface needs to be greased with a desi generously. Ready Ossetian pies can be put at each other as pancakes.

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