How to lose weight by means of starvation: basic rules

How to lose weight by means of starvation: basic rules

Many women, seeking to lose weight and get thereby a beautiful figure, choose starvation as a way for achievement of the goal. But not always choose the correct method of a hunger strike and instead of advantage, do harm to the organism. Effect of this way of weight loss, really, considerable. Therefore for those who decided to be influenced by a method we will open all subtleties of competent starvation.

Whether it is possible to lose weight by means of starvation?

To understand whether starvation will help to overcome a problem of excess weight, it is necessary to understand the reasons of its origin at first. This banal overeating is frequent. Our organism is so arranged that during a stress we feel hunger. Therefore at any stressful situation or failure, a problem we try to jam experiences even then when the feeling of hunger does not exasperate. In an organism a huge number of calories which do not manage to be spent before the following meal accumulates and begin to be laid in store.

Learn whether it is possible to starve and not to do harm to health.

is gradually resulted by failure in work of internals, cholesterol is laid for them, so growth rates of fat deposits increase. When the person does not eat food, he does not bring in a substance organism which are necessary for it to fill stocks of energy and to support functioning of all systems.

It is, certainly, a stress for it. But such shake-up forces to start those processes which dozed off because their work for various reasons did not become necessary. The organism begins to look for actively power sources and to scoop it from the calories laid in store. Together with it the exchange processes bringing slags, toxins out of an organism are started. That by how many kilograms it is possible to lose weight at starvation, depends on your organism, experience in carrying out starvations, on the designated scheme.

Important! The provided figures are only average data, and it is difficult to foresee as your organism will react to refusal of food. It is not necessary to go into extremes, especially to beginners and to try to lose as much as possible kilogram. Without experience you easily do much harm to yourself.

As a rule, in the first days of refusal of food from one to two kilograms are lost. Then the account already goes on grams (approximately on 300 g a day). If to refuse food for one day, then it is possible to lose 1–3 kg. At starvation until when glucose level does not fall in blood to a critical mark (5–10 days) it is possible to dump 7–10 kg. The two-week hunger strike will lead 10–12 kg to loss. At further refusal of food the loss of weight will be insignificant.

Pluses and minuses

When food stops coming to an organism, or its quantity considerably decreases, it begins to be protected. It is shown by a general malaise and unpleasant feelings in a stomach. Fortunately they pass quickly at the correct hunger strike, and after them it is possible to estimate all positive and its negative sides.

Advantage for a human body

When an organism deprive of one of functions, in this case digestion of food, it switches to other, not less important processes therefore such changes are noted:

  • heart, liver, kidneys experience smaller strain;
  • the feeling of overpopulation of a stomach and problems (meteorizm, swelling) connected with it leaves;
  • there is a cleaning, improvement of fabrics, bodies, systems;
  • weight is lost, the feeling of ease appears;
  • exchange processes are restarted.

Contraindications and negative consequences

When we starve, we deprive the organism of nutrients because of what:

  • there are a weakness, a headache, dizzinesses, quite often a faint due to starvation at long abstention from food;
  • protective function of an organism is weakened, in the investigation of what it is easy to catch a disease and it is difficult to overcome it;
  • integuments become strapped, begin to be shelled;
  • the fragility of hair, nails increases;
  • there are problems with a GIT.

It is important! If to starve long and uncontrolledly, then it is possible to bring an organism to the fact that he will cease to perceive food as he will forget to give the signals necessary for its processing. As a result, any food will not be lovely to you, and you will bring yourself to anorexia.

There is a number of states and diseases at which starvation is contraindicated:

  • pregnancy, feeding by a breast;
  • onkobolezn at 3 and 4 stages;
  • restoration after surgical intervention or a heart attack;
  • paralysis;
  • tuberculosis and hepatitis in active stages;
  • body weight is lower than norm (on BMI) more, than for 15%;
  • blood diseases, thrombophlebitis.

Also children and elderly people cannot starve. Sometimes in the described cases carrying out medical starvation is possible, but only if it was appointed by the doctor and it will be carried out under his careful control.

Types of starvation

Types of starvation – a set. It is classified by restrictions and on duration. That the starvation chosen by you was healthy, we recommend to study schemes of the most popular types.

On water

The water starvation which is most often applied. Its duration usually is three days. Some experts in this case can longer hold on, but to lose excess weight, the specified time suffices. Increase in duration of considerable positive changes will not bring any more, and here is capable to do much harm.

Whether you know? Scientists by carrying out researches established that without food of people it is capable to sustain 40 days if only he is healthy, hardy and will not load itself physically during the hunger strike. Serious consequences in that case will avoid an organism.

Practicing water or as it is called still, damp starvation is necessary:

  • to use only water on two-three liters a day;
  • to refrain from alcohol, smoking;
  • to have a rest, happen more on the street, not to overtire;
  • it is regular to rinse a mouth, to brush teeth and language;
  • to refuse completely any other drinks, except water, intake of medicines and food;
  • to drink water by means of a tubule for cocktail, small drinks;
  • to take a bath, but only warm.

It is necessary for preparation of an organism for such stress:

  • in 7 days prior to the planned hunger strike to pass to the healthy menu and to drink more water;
  • before a damp diet to reduce amount of the eaten food twice;
  • to finish possible medicamentous courses;
  • before going to bed on the eve of a diet to make a cleaning enema.

Video: starvation on water Even if you will use only one day only water, positive changes will not keep themselves waiting. If you popraktikut a one-day damp hunger strike within two-three weeks, then it will be possible to increase the number of water days and to pass to more rigid type of starvation.


This option of starvation is considered the most rigid of all types therefore it is not recommended to practice it in house conditions. The doctor has to control it. The hunger strike of this type has two subspecies: soft and rigid.

Get acquainted with merits and demerits of a beet, soda, otrubny, water-melon, tangerine, banana and Herculean diet.

The hunger strike takes place in both cases equally, but at soft option the interaction with water of a body and mouth is admissible. At rigid – it is strictly forbidden to interact with water in any ways (even an enema). If it is necessary to wash the dishes, then put on economic gloves. To prepare itself for diet it is necessary:

  • to pass to consumption of vegetable food in seven days prior to day of h and to exclude coffee, salt, sugar, alcohol;
  • to drink unsweetened juice, herbal teas, water;
  • in the last day of preparation to drink more still water with honey and lemon juice.

Video: dry starvation - my experience the Dry hunger strike can last only 1–2 days.


Alternation of hungry and full days with uniform increase in their quantity is the cornerstone of this technique. In hungry days the dry hunger strike (no more than two days) practices. Pass to a water diet further. In full days exclusively vegetable food is eaten. There are two schemes of a cascade hunger strike:

Whether you know? The hunger strike as a way of impact on debtors practiced in Ancient India. At first creditors could apply a short-term hunger strike. If it did not work, then starved to death. And the creditor carried out all this in the house at the debtor and quite often forced to support his all family, even children. In case of the death of the creditor the debtor was responsible for his death as the murderer.


  • 1 day hungry, 1 full;
  • 2 hungry, 2 full;
  • 3 hungry, 3 full;
  • 4 hungry, 4 full;
  • 5 hungry, 5 full (last).


  • 1 day of hungry, 2 full;
  • 2 hungry, 2 full;
  • 3 hungry, 4 full;
  • 4 hungry, 5 full;
  • 5 hungry (last).

In days when it is possible to eat, it is desirable to eat food not later than six o'clock in the evening last time. At dry hungry day the subsequent full also has to be dry. Throughout all diet adhere chosen at the beginning of the scheme. It is impossible to change it already in process. Preparation for starvation happens as follows: in a week before it is necessary to pass to a rawism with the vegetable and fruit menu.

Video: cascade starvation the Cascade hunger strike assumes finishing number of days without food to five, and it can do not to everyone. If you give up process on a half of a way, then the desirable result will not be achieved. Therefore before a diet estimate well the forces and opportunities. It is better to choose easier option.


In this case days with food and without it, but according to other scheme also alternate. It is necessary to refuse food for one or two days within a week. It is quite easy scheme as the diet does not need to be changed especially. The main thing to make food more fractional. In hungry day you completely refuse food till a dinner. The last has to be a lung.

Special preparation for this method is not necessary, just it is important to be adjusted and choose in what days of the week you will refuse food and to hold to the plan. The interval hunger strike allows to reduce the caloric content of your diet that will promote insignificant loss of weight. Excess centimeters will gradually leave, and the organism will not be deprived of nutritious elements.

Video: interval starvation for weight loss


Is that you eat a certain amount of time, then abstain from food, eat again and so on. Usually scheme 16/8 practices (16 hours of a hunger strike, 8 hours of satiety). And it is possible to eat all, as usual, but it is better to eat properly. Feature of this diet is the lack of a breakfast. The first meal can be at any time convenient for you, for example, at noon. The hungry interval has to make 16 hours.

Whether you know? By scientists it is established that the hunger strike within three days is capable to restart the immune system and also to reduce amount of the enzymes causing aging, and the hormones producing division of cancer cells.

Also is it is necessary not later, than in four hours prior to withdrawal for sleeping. In this scheme the preparation is not required and an exit does not need special recommendations. Just do not overeat. The scheme is very convenient, but positive changes at its application happen quite slowly.

Video: periodic starvation


This option of starvation was developed as medical and improving. The pause between days when it is authorized to eat, can last at least one day, at most – several weeks. Repetition happens systematically or through time. Alternation of the long periods of a hunger strike with days when we allow meal, allows to minimize the probability of return of the lost kilograms. The systematicity and regularity helps to keep result on a long period.

Whether read it is possible to do harm to an organism water drink in more detail.

Unlike a cascade method, the number of hungry days can be regulated independently – there is no strict schedule. At such hunger strike at the moments of a pause it is admissible to drink water, tea and coffee without sugar, to do exercises, to visit a bath, a sauna, to be active. It is necessary to prepare for it so:

  • before hungry days, 4 hours later after a dinner, it is necessary to purge a liver (to put a warm hot-water bottle and to drink magnesium sulfate solution);
  • after the described procedure to eat boiled egg and to do simple exercises (there will be desire to descend in a toilet);
  • later drink laxative.

Video: cyclic starvation Best of all a method works at seven-day abstention from food with monthly repetition. When weight is normal, it is necessary to pass to starvation within 3–4 days or to do unloading day every seven days.


This hunger strike – it is rather a diet. During it it is necessary to reduce number of the calories used in a day to 200–300. For this purpose it is necessary to exclude high-calorie food from the menu and to switch to the useful products capable to quickly fill a stomach. It is possible to use juice a diet (to drink only one of types of juice) or kashevy (is porridge on water). It is possible to regale on these products during the day or according to the scheme:

  • 5–10 days of a diet;
  • 5–10 days of usual food.

Important! The number of hungry and full days has to be identical. Repetition duration is any.

To be prepared for a diet, it is necessary to clean intestines by means of an enema with weak solution of potassium permanganate or salt laxative.

How it is correct to enter and leave?

We already mentioned that before refusing food, it is desirable to prepare the organism for disposal it from a stress. One week prior to the estimated beginning of the procedure it is necessary to pass to the fruit and vegetable menu. It is possible to drink fresh juices, clear water and herbal teas. And it is better to give preference to fruit juice in the morning, in the rest of the time it is possible to drink vegetable. Waters it is necessary to use about 10-12 glasses a day. On preparatory week make everyday walks in the fresh air. Have more a rest and worry less. If feel an indisposition, go out of doors or if it not dry starvation, take a shower. Unpleasant feelings have to recede.

Do not practice, especially at the initial stage, refusal of food longer, than for a week. When it is better to leave a hunger strike, the organism will prompt independently. Usually for the fifth or seventh day a number of unpleasant feelings appears. As soon as you felt that to you it is absolutely bad, begin to leave a hunger strike. In the beginning drink only juice (3–5 days). The next ten days include boiled vegetables in the menu. Later it is possible to pass to normal food, but having excluded from a diet fat, fried and smoked.

Video: starvation entrance and exit

How not to break from starvation?

It is quite difficult to refrain from meal of much: at work an office party, someone from house tempts tasty. Besides, the brain sends signals that the organism lacks something, and the hand reaches for forbidden delicacies. Therefore except will power also the motivation is necessary, and it is better – the partner. If the adherent does not manage to be found, then an exit one – to arm with good motivation. It is possible to write on the sheet of paper all pluses and minuses of your present state, and then what waits for you when you dump several kilograms.

As an incentive prize to themselves for the achieved result there can be, for example, a smart dress or other desired thing, an excursion trip, a campaign on a concert of the favourite performer, in a word everything that it is capable to lighten you the mood. This motivational leaf can be hung up on the fridge or at an entrance to kitchen, and every time when you have a thought of having a snack, you will see what you can lose. The conclusion with somebody a bet that you for a certain period will be able to dump a number of kilograms can be good motivation. Besides good motivation, it is necessary to choose a way of starvation correctly. It is not necessary to begin often not the most useful products with rigid options as after the full hunger strike it is much easier to break and overeat.

Also it will be interesting to you to learn how to make smoothie for weight loss.

Because of it the probability of return of weight is very high, and besides can return even more, than you lost. Sharp fluctuations of weight in any party negatively are reflected in skin: it loses elasticity, becomes flabby. In addition to motivation are necessary:

  • moral support (the person who will remind you of how it is bad to interrupt a hunger strike ahead of time at the moments when it is already difficult to you to constrain itself is necessary);
  • abstractness from thoughts of food (if thoughts of goodies haunt, take with something free time: carry out useful chores, be engaged in some creativity, esteem, phone to friends and go to shopping, but only not on grocery stores);
  • aromatherapy (pick up aroma, pleasant for yourself from which delight will be able to kill thoughts about food, and inhale it during difficult moments);
  • gifts (after keeping of a certain stage of starvation encourage yourself with small gifts in the form of lovely knickknacks or impressions which quantity will increase if sustain a hunger strike up to the end).

Video: how not to break We considered different types of starvation. All of them act differently, but help with achievement of the treasured purpose. But it is always necessary to remember that even after you managed to achieve desirable result, it is worth to remember about further healthy nutrition. Kilograms as left, so can return, and in a bigger quantity.

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