How to lose weight: deficiency of calories

How to lose weight: deficiency of calories

Fight against excess weight became a huge problem of modern society. All of us remember those awful, hungry diets from which the head is turned and there is a risk of loss of consciousness. And now we will remember how hated kilograms return on average in a week after the termination of a diet. Sometimes they not just return, and still bring "friends". But what to do? How then to lose weight without harm for health and the come-back kilograms? Whether honestly the fact that if you want to lose weight – it is necessary to eat less?

For a start you should think well whether really you need weight loss? For this purpose it is necessary to know the body mass index (BMI). It is necessary for determination of BMI: to square the growth in meters (that is height of 165 cm = 1.65 m), and then to divide your weight in kilograms into growth square. (that is with a height of 1.65 m and the weight of 55 kg of BMI pays off so: 55: (1.65*1.65) = 19.9). Now pay attention to the table.

We will assume, your fears were confirmed, you have really excess weight. Now it is important not to go on a hungry diet, and to approach intelligently correction of food and it is necessary to begin with deficiency of calories.

Deficiency of calories – the only condition under which you will lose weight! That is you need to make deficiency, and you will lose weight. But let's sort what is deficiency as to make it and that needs to be eaten. The deficiency of calories is when the organism uses less, than spends.

Now it is necessary to calculate it deficiency. You can make it on formulas lower or by means of various online of calculators. 

For the woman: 9.99*ves (kg) +6.25*rost (cm)-4.92*vozrast-161

For the man: 9.99*ves (kg) +6.25*rost (cm)-4.92*vozrast +5

Further we multiply by activity coefficient: 1.2 - sedentary work, there are no trainings 1.375 - 1-3 trainings a week 1.55 - 3-5 intensive trainings a week 1.725 – daily trainings

We will receive the number of calories, eating on which, we won't lose weight and get fat (we will hold weight), but we are interested in deficiency therefore from the received figure we take away 10-20%. The received figure is also your deficiency of calories. Attention: it can't be less than 1000 calories if at you it turned out less – write to me or count. Also you should distribute BZHU (40/30/30 for weight loss). 

Now, eating on this number of calories (though what) you will lose weight. But you have to know that you can eat such products as burgers, chips and so on. Yes, you will lose weight. if you don't begin to be beyond deficiency, but the quality of your body will suffer: there will be cellulitis, flabby skin. And here if you make a choice for more useful products, then you will lose weight and you will get rid of problems with quality of a body. If still you add sport, then in general you will become cherry on cake.

There is also a wish to add that you shouldn't exclude completely darlings of harm. In day you can allocate 20% of your deficiency and there are on them favourite products like chips and chocolate, thus it will be simpler to you not to break.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team