How to lose weight on baby food"

How to lose weight on baby food"

Nutritionists constantly invent new ways of disposal of extra kilos. Recently the diet on the basis of baby food becomes more and more popular. At first sight, such food will seem unusual, we, adults, we eat absolutely in a different way. However practice shows that it is quite effective technique of weight loss.

In what the diet essence, what its pluses and worse points consists and also how to organize a diet — let's understand.

Whether it is possible to lose weight on baby food

Use such diet many celebrities among which: Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl Cole, Beyonce, Tracey Anderson, Jennifer Aniston and other famous people.

All these stars claim that the simplest squashes and puree promote loss of considerable weight. Besides, the kids menu helps to strengthen immunity.

Whether you know? The author of a technique of loss of weight on baby food consider the star trainer Tracey Anderson who threw off thus 20 kg.

Pluses and minuses of a diet

The positive side of this food is expressed in such positions:

  1. There is no need to prepare — all necessary components are on sale already in finished form.
  2. Any GMOs — in baby food the concentration of harmful components is minimized.
  3. It is easy to observe the mode — can products are practical in application. Especially it will be estimated by people with the unrationed working day.
  4. Exclusively natural components — baby food are the cornerstone only ecologically safe products which include vitamins.
  5. The high efficiency — a technique allows to achieve good results.
  6. It is easy to trace calories — data on the caloric content of a product are specified on each jar.

Among shortcomings note the high cost of baby food and restriction for those who have diabetes or other chronic diseases. Besides, nutritionists warn that the menu of kids has the minuses:

  1. Lack of chewing process — as all products move in the form of puree and squashes, it is not necessary to chew them. And it can lead to an incomplete atrofirovannost of chewing muscles.
  2. The deficiency of some elements — in such products is not enough protein and completely there is no cellulose.
  3. Than any taste — unlike kids, is more adult are more spoiled by any "goodies".
  4. Low caloric content — such factor not always well is reflected in a mature organism.

Important! It is impossible to keep to a diet on the menu of kids a long time. There is enough only 2-7 days.

Besides, before a diet it is necessary to get medical advice as anemia, problems with digestive tract and frustration of the musculoskeletal device are contraindications.

What it is possible to add a diet with

Though baby food is saturated vitamins, nevertheless in it there are not enough elements which are necessary for the mature person. For this reason it is allowed to include some additional products in a diet.

The resolved products

Firm food is necessary both for teeth, and for a digestive tract. Respectively, if the diet proceeds more than 5-10 days, it is allowed to include some vegetables, greens and dairy products in a diet.

The main making diets:

  • salad;
  • celery;
  • yogurts;
  • broccoli;
  • natural juice;
  • carrots;
  • dairy mixes;
  • pumpkin;
  • cereal porridges on milk and nonmilk;
  • meat paste;
  • vegetable purees;
  • fruit pastes;
  • bananas;

Whether you know? By production of food for kids such receptions as chemical cleaning and odor removal, a hydrogenation and radiation exposure are forbidden and also artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavoring improvers and fragrances are not used.

  • cottage cheeses with raisin and dried apricots;
  • peaches;
  • fish purees;
  • apples;
  • cookies;
  • prunes;
  • milk semolina porridge;
  • porridge on milk;
  • beef and duck's flesh in a boiled look;
  • chicken forcemeat.

It is also allowed to drink water with lemon juice, herbal and green tea without sugar.

Pay attention to the following diets: water-melon, onions, gerkulesovy, tangerine, banana.

The forbidden products

The children's diet is valuable the fact that in it there are no pasta, fried, smoked and fat dishes, sweets and other similar products. Will not be useful at a diet such components of a diet:

  • canned food (both meat, and fruit, and vegetable);
  • podslashchyonny yogurts, chocolate, curd cakes in chocolate;
  • sauces and seasonings;
  • exotic fruit and juice from them;
  • dishes of complex structure (paella, pizza, paste, etc.);
  • pickles;
  • fast food, shish kebabs, French fries;
  • sparkling water;
  • alcohol;
  • fruit chips;
  • pasta;
  • bread (including a lavash);
  • pastries.

Rules of weight loss on baby food

There are several rules of such diet:

  1. Presence at a diet of exclusively vegetable squashes and fruit juice with porridges and other impurity. The nutritiousness in day should not exceed 1000 kcal.
  2. Several fasting days in a week (2-3) during which only fruit pastes are used. Restriction: 10 hundred-gram tanks a day.
  3. Fractional food. From the first day it is necessary to accustom the organism to such mode.
  4. Respect for water balance. As the organism should remove excess liquid, waters it is necessary to drink not less than 2 liters a day.

Whether you know? The nutritionist Alice Levayn regards a diet on the kids menu as the most harmful diet. She is sure that scanty contents in a diet of elements necessary for the mature person can cause problems with health.

Despite steadiness of a diet, an adult organism has a stress, receiving only the kids menu. Loss of weight in that case takes place intensively therefore fasting days cannot be arranged more often than quarterly.

Important as well it is correct to leave a diet: in the beginning include porridges in a diet, then — vegetables and fruit, and after — meat and fish.

The menu for 7 days

At typical option there are only vegetable and fruit pastes. On norm 14 jars a day are recommended that is equated to 800–1000 kcal.

Several options of a diet are known:

  1. The express — it is planned for 3 days therefore it is accepted to call it unloading.
  2. The most long option lasts 2 weeks and to throw off during this time really up to 10 kg. But only the strong-willed person can cope with such mode.
  3. The most optimal variant — a week diet. It is possible to dump by means of such diet up to 5 kg.

It is important! To achieve the maximum result, it is necessary to eat only ready pastes, any impurity and cottage cheeses.

In day there have to be 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner. From drink herbal teas and clear water are allowed.

Products can be alternated on flavoring preferences. Main principle: not to combine meat mashes with potato or banana. The conditional menu for day looks thus.


Option 1

Option 2


Squash on milk, 2 jars of fruit paste, tea

150 g of a squash or cottage cheese, or paste with dried fruits, tea


Fat-free yogurt

200 g of fruit puree or children's cookies with juice


Vegetable or meat mash, juice

200 g of salad from crude vegetables, 200 g of puree from low-fat meat

Afternoon snack

Cookies, cottage cheese, tea

Puree or juice


Meat or fish puree, juice

Cottage cheese or vegetable paste

Supper (not later than 3 hours to a dream)

1 jars of fruit puree, unsweetened herbal tea

1 jars of vegetable puree, green tea without sugar

If between meals there is an appetite, it is possible to eat an additional dose of fruit paste or cottage cheese or just to dissolve dairy mix and to drink 200 g.

Important! The seven-day diet cannot be used more often than time in half a year.

To lose weight, observing the kids menu, quite really. At the same time it should be taken into account that an important point is faultless health and good health. And disposal of unnecessary kilograms will become result of fractional low-calorie food.

Diet on baby food: video

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